Regular readers will know that Scrapbook has been awaiting the launch of Heydon Prowse and Jolyon Rubinestein’s new TV show, The Revolution Will Be Televised, with much interest.

In addition to giving Vince Cable a ‘thank you’ card from Tories (another cringe-worthy clip was released last month) a preview from BBC Three shows attempts to collect signatures to canonise, erm, Tony Blair.

Looks like they’ve done another version of ‘Fox News at Occupy LSX’ too.

  1. Anyone who’s been to a Labour Students even would probably be suprised to find out Tony Blair isn’t already a saint.

  2. I enjoyed the FOX at Occupy LSX preview sketch, but this other stuff is a little benign. They really need to be a bit bolder, for example, instead of a petition to canonise Tony Blair, how about something which may bring his war crimes into light, through satirical comedy. Still great to see this sort of show tho, we need our own Daily Show! 😀

  3. Tatiana Tokarsi says:

    I simply cannot wait!
    Only problem I’ve not had a tv areil for 4 months so have missed well I don’t know what!
    Will have to pre arrange a sleep over at someones house to watch 😉

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