Despite Louise Mensch — supposedly the MP for Corby — seeming more interested in (a) forming her own social media startup and (b) arguing with Scrapbook on Twitter, her announcement this morning that she will quit still comes as something of a shock.

Mensch will be moving to the somewhat more salubrious environs of New York City to live with her rock manager husband. Accepting her resignation — triggering an unwanted by-election for the Tories in November — David Cameron said:

“You have helped bring politics alive to those outside the Westminster Village, through your effective appearances on the television and your use of social media.”

But does Dave realise how much time she spent on Twitter? Scrapbook certainly finds these statistics instructive:

  • 22,000 — messages posted on Twitter
  • 22 — mentions of her constituency in parliament

She didn’t even make it to the halfway point of this parliament.

  1. @EamonnMy10cents says:

    The problem is that she’ll go down a bomb with the likes of Fox News/the Tea Party/Republican far right who won’t be able to look beyond the blonde hair and grin… I fear that she’ll be feted as a British Anne Coulter. A continuous and enjoyable source of mirth for most of us in the UK but coining it in with trash political “analysis” books.


    What brilliant news for a Monday morning. Goodbye and good riddance. Could it be that she never got the promotion she so desperately wanted. Come on now Labout lets win this seat back.

  3. I don’t care how much they love her in the US so long as she goes. I’m fascinated though that a woman who credits David Cameron with everything – from the Olympic opening ceremony to the Mars rover landing – wants to leave the country. Or that she wants to go to a country where the President might actually support social healthcare. She’ll have to befriend Sarah Palin so she can have a conversation that isn’t too liberal. Vile creature, she is. Vile.

  4. I don’t care where she goes as long as she goes. Obviously she’s not getting the prestige and remuneration she thinks she deserves by playing at being an MP.
    Close the door behind you, you useless self-aggrandising piece of rubbish.

  5. best news I’ve heard in ages! I’m just worried they might parachute Boris Johnson in though; given the hype around him at the moment…

  6. The more the merrier. We need a cull of MPs’. The HoC should be reduced to 480 members.
    As for this young lady, she appears to me, to be a self publicist, with more flannel than a pussers blanket. At 73, I retain a jaundiced view on our self serving, hubristic and useless
    politicians. They have already proved to be venal with their expenses etc. I loathe them !

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