Boris Johnson would have shared Aidan Burley’s feelings on the Olympic ceremony when he was editor of the Spectator, it has been claimed.

Columnist Rod Liddle, who in the past has had his own share of less-than-savoury views, makes the accusation in the magazine’s current issue. He says:

“I have the suspicion that if Boris were still editor of The Spectator…he would have been on the phone to me, or another of his columnists, fulminating about the “leftie multicultural crap”…”

Which is interesting. In the aftermath of Burley’s now-famous Twitter comments — which might have been described as career-destroying, had he any hope of a career left even before them — Boris’ reaction was quite different. He said:

“People say it was all leftie stuff. That is nonsense. I’m a Conservative and I had hot tears of patriotic pride from the beginning. I was blubbing like Andy Murray.”

So which Boris is the real one? Bumbling Mayor of London or “fulminating” right-wing editor?

  1. This is not evidence. I’m sorry, but THIS IS NOT FUCKING EVIDENCE. It’s just Rod Liddle saying that he has a suspicion that a thing would have happened if the world had been different from the way the world is. Seriously, leave it.

  2. This is mere speculation on Rod Liddle’s part. I suspect Rod Liddle thought the opening ceremony was PC leftie crap.

  3. This really is the silly season. I know Parliament is in recess but this story and the one about IDS and the allegation that against him by a beauty queen is all fluff.

  4. @Anon: We couldn’t have been clearer that this is Liddle’s claim. That said, he may have a point (for once).

    @MD: Yes, this really is the silly season. And the Olympics.

  5. I’ve no doubt that Boris had tears in his eyes at the opening ceremony.

    It was probably from seeing a 4 hour, multi-million pound Labour party political broadcast.

  6. ” That said, he may have a point (for once).”

    Not really. At least, if he does, there’s no evidence for it. And it’s a shit point either way.

  7. Yep, great grabbing headline but non story, unless you’re a red top tabloid. A ‘claim’ based on a uncorroborated private conversation is one thing, but a claim based purely on speculation is Sunday Sport territory

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