A Tory councillor who left a vile homophobic rant on the voicemail of a bisexual man has been cleared of misconduct in a shock ruling by Thanet Council. Despite being cautioned by police for the incident, Ken Gregory was let off by the standards committee because he was “acting privately”.

Ken Gregory told independent councillor John Warrow’s on May 18:

“with a bit of luck you’ll get Aids”.

The ruling that Gregory was acting in a personal capacity is bizarre — given that the message was thought to be linked to the Council voting to support equal marriage, only the second in England to do so after Southwark. In addition to being cautioned by police, Gregory was was suspended from the ruling Conservative group on Thanet council for six months.

Sickeningly, this is by no means an isolated incident.

A Labour councillor for Thanet was given a harassment warning last month after describing another colleague as a  “shirt-lifting gender bender”.

  1. What a vile little man. How can the possibly clear him of misconduct? Looks like a lot of narrow-minded homophobes on that Council… Upsetting that a Labour councillor has also made comments.

  2. This has nothing to do with which political party these people support but everything about how unfit for office they are. It’s up to the electorate to make their feelings known now that they have been let down in this manner – kick both of these dreadful men out

  3. if a person can be sent to jail for making a joke on twitter about blowing up an airport, then surely this man ought to go to prison for this, he was not joking.

    I do hope this is appealed against.

  4. I’m always a bit suspicious of otherwise reasonably intelligent people who rant against homosexuality.

    ‘Me thinks he doth protest too much’, always comes to mind.

    I wonder if he’s a closet gay. Wouldn’t it be terribly embarrassing if he was found in a compromising position with a “gentleman of the same sex”?

  5. I think the clue is in the italicized lines at the bottom. This is as much about not giving the other side a victory as about the issue in question.

    A rotten approach that places partisan loyalty over morality, but one that all three mainstream parties adhere to.

    Perhaps the public can provide the pressure necessary to effect a ‘moral correction’, but then again, the immediate response will be for the council and the newly anointed victim, Ken Gregory, to start yelling about ‘mob rule’ and a ‘witch hunt’.

  6. David Skinner says:

    Deary oh deary me, what hypersensitive, insecure and thin – skinned “poor old meese” we have here. What shrivelled souls ! Grow up!

    Why don’t you lot go on Pink News and read the comments of your pink or should I say red comrades there ?

    Allow me to give you some real hatred directed at me from this site:

    “David Skinner” you have been a total sad bigot, a person filled with hatred for an irrational reason………I have kicked you in the teeth. It is time for you to let the scales drop from your eyes, put aside your simple childish ways, and grow up! …“bigoted arseholes…” “David Skinner” you HAVE been kicked in the teeth, haven’t you!”……“So hatred still drips from your fangs and your very sick mind…………“David Skinner believe in ‘god’. What a pity his ‘god’ is such a joyless, dreary shithead“…….”David Skinner” is so suffering from mental illness” ……..“What I am seriously suggesting is that it could well be that “David Skinner” is (clinically) a Paranoid Schizophrenic, relishing life in a world of his own devising, a world dominated and fuelled by his own irrational fears.”………“Jesus, David Skinner, your poor deluded fool……..So piss off with your healing and your “spiritual healing”……..“Your inability to answer that without spewing irrelevant garbage totally destroys your own case.”……….“Really, mind your own F**king business who I sleep with and how. It is not your concern.”…….Poor David Skinner cannot become free of his serious mental illness, for he must realise that religious faith is a mental illness. However, a cause of electric-shock treatment might help………“What a mean old bully that Affidavit Skinnydip is! I doubt any nutty fundamentalist has ever even experienced love. Ah, l’amour…” …….“This poor sad twisted little Christian calling himself “David Skinner”…….“This is the root of poor “David Skinner’s” massive mental problem”
    …….“Go away you poor impoverished little creature. You are a primitive still plodding down there in the muck at the base of civilization’s ladder…….You’ve been kicked in the teeth and you know you have no weapons left. …….Develop, evolve, . . . or continue to paddle around in your muck. ..“………“

  7. Isnt it interesting how people who speak out against homosexuality are accused of being homosexual themselves. This is an attempt to silence opposition by accusing someone of being something vile. So Tris saying this councillor is a ‘closet gay’ is essentially saying that being homosexual is a bad thing. I disagree with Tris, because being homosexual as such is not necessarily a bad thing, and it is only bigots like Tris who try to silence people trying to stop the propagation of the form of homosexuality curently being used as a political attack on culture, who make it bad.

  8. David Skinner says:

    garabber, that is a very interesting distinction you seem to be making between your ordinary, quiet, live and let live homosexual and the current model of almost fascist tyrants who are imposing homosexuality on our children as a means of furthering a Marxist ideology.

    Although I agree with the distinction, homosexuality per se is not a happy condition to be in; it results in a whole raft of emotional, intellectual, physical, spiritual and social pathologies. There is not future down the pink brick road.

  9. this seems to be the stock defence of the indefensible amongst grassroots conservatives – the scottish conservative future lot even used to negate criticism of one of their own who took to twitter to tell black british prospective students to go and study ‘in Africa’. Coupled with the usual non-apology (an ‘apology for any offense they may have caused’ with the implicit ‘PC gone mad’/’you don’t have to read it’ message.

    compare and contrast all this with their organised, synchronised outrage at, for example, Diane Abbott’s ‘racism’ (lmao) or any time someone in a national publication is to the left of, say, James Purnell.

  10. David Skinner says:

    The whole of the gay lobby’s agenda is founded on at least three lies: being gay is the equivalent to being black; gays are being bullied to the point of extinction on the same scale as Jews in the holocaust and thirdly that gays make up 10% of the population. These lies have been swallowed hole by not only the gays but the useful idiot population, without them touching the side of the throat.

    A black person is a black whether alive or dead ; awake or asleep. A gay person is only gay thinking about their object of desire. I have a fancy and appetite for all manner of objects of desire, but I do not identify myself by these urges. God and the His Word alone is what identifies me.

  11. Dave Skinner as a christian I find what you have said offensive.

    Of your 3 assumptions:
    1/ A gay person is gay all the time, they have to live with the effects of a world that is conditioned to hate them.
    2/ Homosexuals are bullied all the time, but nobody has ever claimed they are being treated like Jews in the holocaust.
    3/ I don’t quite know what share they are of the population but 1/10 seems about right in my experience. More importantly it doesn’t matter how many there are surely.

  12. David Skinner says:

    Dear Rob, if you are, as you claim, a Christian, you will know that Christ, the cross and the Word of God were indeed an offence to those who were perishing . Indeed why was Christ crucified, Stephen stoned followed by the persecution of numberless Christians ever since- many suffering the most horrible deaths- if it were not for the fact that they had caused offence to those in bondage to Satan.

    John 8 :31-36 puts it beautifully :

    31 To the Jews who had believed him, Jesus said, “If you hold to my teaching, you are really my disciples. 32 Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”

    33 They answered him, “We are Abraham’s descendants and have never been slaves of anyone. How can you say that we shall be set free?”

    34 Jesus replied, “Very truly I tell you, everyone who sins is a slave to sin. 35 Now a slave has no permanent place in the family, but a son belongs to it forever. 36 So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed.

    Here that : “If the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed.”

    The truth is, Rob, that people do change. For some people homosexuality is a passing phase: something they experience briefly and then move away from; for others it is something for which they seek help and counselling , resulting in healing ; and yet for some it is , like Paul’s thorn in the side, something they are called to endure- but not succumb to-with the help of Christ. ( Romans 7).

    So in answer to your first objection. People do change. Listen to Paul speaking to a bunch of people who had just emerged from a pagan and godless culture at Corinth :

    Cor 6: “9…. Do not be deceived: Neither the sexually immoral nor idolaters nor adulterers nor men who have sex with men 10 nor thieves nor the greedy nor drunkards nor slanderers nor swindlers will inherit the kingdom of God. 11 And that is what some of you were. But you were washed, you were sanctified, you were justified in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and by the Spirit of our God.”

    Here that ? ” And that is what some of you were.” These people changed.

    As for your second objection: that there is homophobia; this is a fiction created in order to make gays feel perpetual victims of society. At the moment the Gay liberation Front are playing the ” Champion” card. In order to move away from the negative image of being weak and vanquished , they are peddling the “champion” card- something more positive and appealing to the younger generation. After all you won’t get recruits into the gay life style if you portray it as composed of a bunch of losers. Historically we have had the words, homosexual, queer, pink and gay; each successively being associated with something less naff or sub standard. But even being called gay doesn’t work.

    Homophobia exists in the mind of the homosexual- internalised homophobia. It is a rejection of oneself . This is why so many gays commit suicide. Gays cannot accept themselves or what they are doing. The gay person is seeking that which they can never find in what they do- even if they go to the furthest regions of the out galaxy. It will still be there. What they are seeking is the forgiveness, acceptance, assurance, belonging , healing and hope that only Jesus Christ can give. Healing has to start with repentance.

    In the minds of homosexuals homophobia is simply not having their life style celebrated and affirmed. All this pride stuff is all bravado. Underneath gays are all broken glass. Any kind of negative comment, criticism or raising of the eyebrow is deemed as homophobia. This produces an extreme hypersensitive and inability to engage in debate or discussion.

    All bulling is wrong, whether one is too fat, thin , intelligent, stupid or whatever. We all have our defects or things that mark us out as being different. I will resist the bully and confront him, as I have done on several occasions. But the biggest bully is Stonewall, the gay lobby, headed up by Ben Summerskill. Stonewall have become tyrants and thugs. Its called the Gaystapo whose offices are at Waterloo.

    Finally like most gay propaganda that people swallow so easily, the 1/10 figure comes straight from the polysexual pervert, Alfred Kinsey, the quack scientist. The 6 % figure comes from cooked figures made up by Ben Summerskill. The real figure comes from the Office of National Statistics: 1% Read it for yourself. Having said that with homosexuality being taught in schools that figure may well rise. Homosexuality is not only a condition but an infection.

  13. David Skinner says:

    Sorry about the ” here”; I meant “hear”. Spelling and grammar were never my strong point. But this I do know and that is that I was once lost but now am found by God and saved by Jesus Christ.

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