Nazi-partying Tory MP Aidan Burley is in deep trouble for describing the Olympic opening ceremony as “multi-cultural crap”. Are these scenes — featuring multi-ethnic family life, Empire Windrush immigrants from Jamaica and a kiss betweeen a black man and mixed-race woman — what he found so offensive?

Number 10 are already distancing themselves from his comments.

  1. AlgernonCumbersnatch says:

    I just checked the odious man’s page, and it is still there, just with a weak attempt to excuse it and explain it away. I may screenshot it in case it vanishes forever though…

  2. eugene power says:

    when did we have the referendum on multiculturalism?
    it is leftie fascism using state power to control our independant thought, the basis of British freedom, and the bastion of freedom in the world
    wake up

  3. The Rev. O'Lution says:

    ‘Eugene Power’ isn’t the most subtle of noms-de-plume for a politically illiterate nazi knuckledragger, is it?

  4. The thing is it’s the London Olympics. London is one of the most multicultural cities in the world. Even if you’re the sort of person who doesn’t like that, it was a great representation of how things actually are. People like Burley seem to have wanted the ceremony to reflect some kind of mythical London that doesn’t exist, rather than how it is, which is a big old noisy melting pot of all types of people from all kind of cultures. Which was reflected admirably, in my opinion, without being overly preachy or jarring.

    (Unlike the NHS bit which was preachy – and bloody brilliant).

  5. even if there had not been Danny Boyle’s show there would still have been over a hundred nations parading through the stadium, representing a variety of ethnicities, religions and cultures. To attack the Olympics as being ‘multicultural’ is like attacking Tescos for selling lots of different sorts of food… I mean duh -Mr Burley isnt the coming together of multicultural nations for sporting competition the whole point of the Olympics? Maybe he misses the version in ancient Greece when it was only Greek city states that took part but I guess from his partying days the thing Aiden Burley would really like to see is a Leni Riefenstahl-esque version of the 1936 games..

  6. If you don’t like foreigners then tuning in to the Olympics opening ceremony seems bizarrely masochistic.

  7. there are plenty more images from the opening show of the Olympics that over represent black people. If the London Olympics was picked because it is so multi cultural why then are only black people over represented compared to Asian, Chinese, Vietnamese or Filipino. Why was a black guy shown kissing mixed race girl, why not an Asian girl or a white girl? – is that’s too sensitive a UK image to show aboard?

    When the industrial revolution was being depicted, why were so many industrialists black, in reality that never happened. I’m surprised the BBC didn’t show the character Isambard Kingdom Brunel as a black man. That’s how ridiculous all this accommodating other cultures and peoples has become. Most white people do not choose live in black neighborhoods or send their children to those schools, that’s the actual truth. UK cities have become ethnic ghettos. Most white people have moved out

    A happy multi cultural Britain is just an imagined concept rather like the imagined narrative behind the Olympic Games opening show. I still think Britain was a better country when could look at your next door neighbor and see yourself looking back. It’s such a shame what we’ve done to ourselves.

  8. Village of the Damne says:

    Blah blah blah… the left-wing, neo-fascist, ideological ‘jew-hunt’ continues unabated. I thought freedom of speech was something that should be cherished.

  9. Someone who cares says:

    For god’s sake, leave him alone!
    He spoke the truth, because just the MINORITY of the people performed are ACTUALLY BRITISH!
    And the way they have shown the industry…. truly leftist, what they did obviously says:
    Businessmen & Industrialists-bad………. and minorities were not in this period, so why still, the british are being pushed away from their OWN COUNTRY!
    And the way the minorities were coming during the performance, they showed it like it was good, but that’s a multicultural brainwash.
    Just remember: The minorities did nothing in british history! Accept for crime during the last decades.

  10. Sven Svensson says:

    As a Swedish historian, seeing british history falsifyed like this made me extremely angry.

    I think the opening ceremony was very cool. But it would have been even cooler if they had chosen not to have 70% non-Europeans depicting England’s population throughout history. When watching the initiation, one could believe that England has been built by Africans, Indians and Arabs. geez.

    All credit to Rowan Atkinson who gave me and my family a good laugh 🙂

    Sadly though, I felt I had to change the channel when the celebration of pop culture began to degenerate into a multi-cultural make-out party. I don’t want to see such things.

    Then I sat for an eternity waiting for the flag parade to bring in the contestants of my country, Sweden onto the stadium with the flag in top. I had all the time in the world to study what felt like hundreds of populations (most of them african) and expressions of joy. Then I also learned many names of nations that I never even knew existed. And then finally after I don’t know how long, Sweden arrived at last, and all we got was a mere 7 seconds. Thanks for that! Very enriching! Maybe I’m paranoid now, but it almost felt a bit like they would rather focus their cameras on the galleries as soon as it came in a little bit too Western looking populations.

    I then went directly to my computer and tried to check if there were more people than me who thought the ceremony was a little bit too multicultural. I mean, an English boys’ choir of 30 people, and one or two African kids and 18 Indians or something. Of course they would zoomed in on the little African boy. I even knew they would zoom in on him before they did it. It’s getting ridiculous. So, yeah, awesome opening ceremony, but next time, focus a little bit more on Historical Correctness, not Political.

    – Swedish Citizen

  11. @ ‘Someone who cares’ You seem to be severely uneducated in this matter.
    The depiction of Black/Carribean people coming to this country was of the ‘Windrush’ era.
    After the 2nd World War Britain was in a harsh state and needed rebuilding.
    Britain had suffered greatly during the war and needed help with it’s reconstruction. They therefore ASKED The Carribeans to come here and work as labourers and nurses etc to help rebuild Britain.
    Not only that, during this time, Jamaica and these Carribean countries were British colonies, therefore meaning all the population were BRITISH and had BRITISH passports to begin with.

    You saying “Britain belongs to the British”, is therefore arguing the case that it belongs to these people also.

    Be honest, it’s clear you’re just using it as a code word for, white.

    Ethnic minorities have contributed greatly to this country.
    Educate yourself before spewing random drivel!


  12. Someone who cares says:

    For Sven Svensson,
    Well said, I’m tired too from this anti-western anti white thing, in other word politicaly correctness.
    I’m a very anglophile person (very, and as well nationalist- I have a belief that every nation should have it’s own country, opposing multiculturalism)
    Sadly, I feel it on my flesh.
    Well you see, I live in israel, and I’m part of the majority: about 40% of the population ashkenazi (european-literaly german) jew, and we are being kicked away, who made this country was us, the europeans, but the arab (mizrahi-literaly eastern) jews mostly, are
    bulliyng us for being european, and we can’t say anything bad about them, but they can say everything they want against us, again, because of the political correctness.
    And as a person who lives in a multicultural country, I tell you, it’s a living hell.
    And I hope it won’t happen also in the united kingdom or any other country, because all white people are pushed away from society, as well as multiculturalism only appears in western countries, you don’t see europeans in algeria or nigeria.
    but I was frightened looking at the olympics not even seeing one british person, that’s truly sad.

  13. Sven – The Olympics are about nations all over the world coming together and celebrating. Of all the events for you guys to get upset over multiculturalism about. The Olympics by far gives the weakest platform.. The Ghanaians got a very short amount of airtime also and I noticed the humorous comments on Twitter immediately. Don’t be paranoid.

    You tend to not take note when they show a white face, but notice it all too much when it’s a brown or black one.

    London is very diverse. I know my history and I know what I live in. To not represent that would have been the real outrage.

  14. Someone who cares says:

    To ben marks, first of all I have to say that the curse in the end of you paragraph was insulting and inappropriate, you can speak without cursing, and I won’t even curse you back…
    Your depiction of ”British People” is wrong, you say everyone that lives in britain (or it’s colonies) is british, or everyone that uses british passports, but it’s wrong, british people are the NATIVES of the Island of Great Britain. And no, I truly don’t believe that those jamaicans or anybody else owns the country, but just the british people, the true natives.
    Because just look at the facts, the british people (and other europeans(geographicaly), and even ethnicly europeans, such as I am) are losing their homes to the non-europeans, we are destroying ourselves, because we let the migrants inside our countries.
    When you said the immigrants came from the period of ”the windrush” you should take out the ”the”, because just small amount of them came compared to the last decades.
    And another problem is many of them bring crime.
    I hope that you understood my point, and at the same time got a lesson of not to curse.

  15. No. I have the right to curse if I wish. You claiming that the only thing minorities have done in British history is crime, is equally, if not more offensive to me and people I know than calling you a dick. I could have much stronger words for you. But providing the fact that your commenting on our country when you do not live here, I find it quite strange. It is not as if these Carribeans chose to become British. It was not an option. It was forced upon them through slavery and colonialism. They were British because they were made to be British. It is an outrage to then claim that they are now for some reason not British due to the fact that they are black or brown. You must see how unfair that is, no? They have the right to represent the country they were born in as much as anyone else does.

    I can not speak on life where you live. And it is unfortunate that you feel the way you feel. But please understand that things are different here.

  16. Someone who cares says:

    Well maybe I shall call you Ben MARX, because you have shown true leftism.
    Those people which were ”forced” to live in britain, they are small amount of the migrants, by even simply looking at wikipedia you can see that most migrants came during the last decades (mostly due to labour pro-multiculturalism), but it doesn’t matter how much you will call carribeans british, they won’t ever be, the modern british people came from the ancient britons, the carribeans aren’t from the ancient britons, therefore, THEY ARE NOT BRITISH.
    I’m doing this as an insult to any migrant, it’s not their fault they come to our countries (weather it’s israel or britain) but it’s our fault because we let them in. And yes, not all of them but considerable amount of them DO bring crime, immigrants from africa that come to israel, and african migrants that come to the uk are pretty much from similar places. And yes, they do bring crime, because they are not educated and therefore don’t get enough money and join crime, and their children sometimes learns from them. Are you insulted because you are a migrant? since I have nothing against any migrant, it’s our fault that we let them inside our country. And it’s sad that you give legitimacy to cursing.

  17. Someone who cares says:

    oops, when I said ”I’m doing this as an insult to any migrant”
    I meant I’m doing this NOT as an insult to any migrant 🙂

  18. I never said they were forced to live in Britain. They were asked to come as they were a part of the colony. Yes I am an immigrant. I was born in Sweden but live and grew up in London. I am interested tho, what do you feel of the millions of Europeans who’s ancestors and themselves have moved and migrated to other countries? Australians, Americans, South Africans. They are all immigrants. And at that, illegal ones. Should they not be see as and represented by where they are from and live?

  19. Someone who cares says:

    Hello again Ben Marks,
    Yes, you did say they were force to live in britain and I quote:”It was forced upon them through slavery and colonialism”.
    About sweden: A lovely country, I would like to visit there after I visit london soon.
    Now, about the migrants that came to the ”New World”, I never said it was right or wrong, and it is not even relevant, it happened long ago, not now, and it is in this order for centuries.
    And actually by that you can see that migrants might become a majority in YOU OWN COUNTRY. And this is a proof that migration can be deadly. But anyway, today it is being taken by migrants that come there (I also so it, I visited in the US few times) and this country for example is multi-cultural, but it is not a problem, and maybe it has legitimacy because it’s a migration country. And about the right to live there, yes, they have the right to live there, because their ancestors has settled there. (My belief is that children of migrants or legal migrants have ligitimacy to live in the country they migrated to, because the hosts have allowed them.) But it is dangerous to all europeans out there, because we are being knocked out. Just look at the facts, only our countries our multicultural, because we were more successful and producive then other nations, then all the people come to us, but, it shouldn’t be that way, because think about your children, or just any other british child, can you imagine a world which they have no country, no homeland, that they are minority everywhere they go? Because that sounds horrible, and believe me, I know what multiculturalism is once you become a small majority (apart from big majority), and all I do is warning other people in other nations to save them, I’m doing this from no reason but to save the culture and history of europe (And that includes britain, which did so amazing things in phlosophy, art, science, technology, and their empire was the largest) can you imagine yourself an ENTIRE civilazation being knocked away? Because this is what’s happening. I think the best solution is Uniculturalism, minorities fitting in society (as well as stopping immigration).

  20. Sven Svensson says:

    “You tend to not take note when they show a white face, but notice it all too much when it’s a brown or black one.
    London is very diverse. I know my history and I know what I live in. To not represent that would have been the real outrage.”

    Imagine Kenya as a great and proud nation with an over 2000 year old history. This year its Kenyas turn to hold the Olympics.
    But for the last 40 or 50 years, Europeans have started to gain citizenship in Kenya. And now Kenya is describing its history in the Olympics with the help of dance numbers. Among the dancers I see almost 50% white faces amongst the Kenyan dancers. That tells me something is clearly wrong. So you assume I’m biased because I’m white? No. I see the pattern for what it is. Abuse of history.

    Indeed, todays London is tragically enough very diverse. But I believe the industrial revolution began in the 18th century. Not in the late 20th century. That is when the real immigration began.

    Also you keep repeating London, as if London is the only place in Britain that counts.
    Are you protecting multiculturism only because you yourself are an immigrant? If that is how it is, then you are very naive.

    Australia, South Africa and America. Apart from the Americas, both Australia and South Africa barely had any populations or great societys worth mentioning.
    Infact, South Africa was hardly even populated at all. The Europeans were the first to build up a society there. And it became one of the greatest societys. Unfortunatley many africans felt like immigrating due to the newly founded country’s prosperity, and that caused problems, problems that people of that time were not forbidden to see and recognize.
    Then political correctness made its debute, and finally apartheid was removed. And today South Africa is basically an unflushed wc.

    Australia is also one of the greatest nations on the planet. They’re just lucky the australian native population wasnt too big. Yes, they were natives. But it’s not like they had gotten that far. It’s natures way.

    Anyway, those populations were given a choise. They fought for their land, and they lost because they hadnt evolved enough or they weren’t smart enough.
    In Europe it’s different. We’re not fighting for our lands. We are told by our politicians to give them away for free, and to slowly fade away both from existance and history. And so far, for some reason, we are obeying them. That’s not natures way. That’s brainwashing.

    Believe what you want. Britain has always been Britain. And it should remain Britain.

  21. (Forced to be British. Not forced to live in England. They were taught that they were British when in school still in the Carribean)

    How did they become so powerful though?
    Greatly through invading, stealing and enslaving. You can not deny this.

    However I suppose, if your going to respond to my question with, ‘it was a long time ago’ and ‘it is not even relevant’ that tells me all I need to know.

    There are different arguments for different places. You can’t preach to us and argue your point based on what happens where you live. And like wise, we can’t preach to you.

    Different cultures can work together easily. Many of us have done it here and are happy 🙂

    Good bye.

  22. @ Sven
    “As a Swedish historian, seeing british history As a Swedish historian, seeing british history falsifyed like this made me extremely angry like this made me extremely angry”.

    You seem to have forgotten, the opening ceremony was not a documentary nor was it an attempt to educate. It was entertainment. You seem to have deliberately ignored that. Furthermore, I would be interested to hear how British history was “falsifyed” (sic).

  23. @Someone who cares

    Nice name, shame you that you don’t care for humanity and only a small section of it.

    “I think the best solution is Uniculturalism, minorities fitting in society (as well as stopping immigration)”.

    Would you care to explain what you mean by “uniculturalism”? I get the feeling you’re not entirely clear what the word “culture ” means.

  24. @Sven Svensson

    “He spoke the truth, because just the MINORITY of the people performed are ACTUALLY BRITISH”!

    Oh really? Is ‘Britishness’ defined by skin colour? Furthermore, what is Britishness? I’m willing to bet that the only way you’ll be able to answer that question is by producing a list of stereotypes and clichés.

  25. @

    ” but it doesn’t matter how much you will call carribeans british, they won’t ever be, the modern british people came from the ancient britons, the carribeans aren’t from the ancient britons, therefore, THEY ARE NOT BRITISH”.

    Wrong. This country has been invaded and settled by a variety of peoples: the Romans, the Anglo-Saxons, the Jutes, the Normans, the Danes… shall I go on? Your rather narrow idea of Britishness betrays you.

  26. Someone who cares says:

    Hello to ”buddyhell”, you have a nice name yourself…
    The definition of culture is ”Culture is a set of values, beliefs, and philosophies as reflected in the behavior of human beings. The basics of culture are symbols, ceremonies, and mythology.” from the hebrew wikipedia, translted to english.
    I believe that minorities inside countries are guests, therefore, they have no legitimacy to change society to fit their former country (This is multiculturalism),
    but, there is uniculturalism, which says minorities should fit in society, which is more reasonable.
    The ben marx thing was a joke for god’s sake.
    And now you are talking about englishmen, yes, romans, angles and later saxons and jutes and vikings did set there (You fotgot normans) but they had ”intermarriages” with the ancient britons, therefore, they are still decended from the ancient britons. And no, it’s not defined by color, because poles for example, aren’t british.
    Appearently YOU don’t care, if that’s your political ideology, yes, I do care, I want the european continent which is in danger to be saved, fro the sake of the europeans, and their amazing history and culture.
    My belief is that no culture or history should go to oblivion (For example, as happened to the native american’s history, and by that, you see migration can throw us and our history into oblivion aswell.)

  27. Well I think Mr. Burley has a point. Keep foreigners out of the Olympics. After all Hitler didn’t let anyone else to compete in Berlin in 1936. Oh, hang on……………

  28. Sven obviously didn’t notice that Kenya’s flag bearer was White! Also he would probably quite like to gas “Someone who cares” along with his family but they are having a real love-in here!

  29. Sven claims to be a historian, but if his knowledge of South African history is anything to go on he is a rather incompetent one.

    All of South Africa was populated at the time the first Dutch settlers arrived. The Western Cape province was inhabited by Khoi-San peoples – the ancestors of the Cape Coloureds. The rest of South Africa was thickly populated by Bantu farmers. At the time of the Great Trek in the 19th century the population of the High Veldt had dipped due to the Mfekane but the Afrikaners were never anything more than a conquering and enslaving minority.

  30. Nearly every dancer or actor focused on by the cameras was black. Especially in the beginning which was about British history where there were few to no black people.

    Judging by the ceremony, blacks are the most important people in Britain. I thought it was a bit much. I’m not terribly offended or anything like that, but it seems like you’re not allowed to focus on white people anymore or risk being labelled a racist.

    Makes me feel like to be sensitive we have to put white people in last place. I don’t think that’s a good attitude at all. There’s no shame in being white.

  31. I didn’t realise that Daniel Craig and Keneth Branagh were Black.

    If you have a dance pageant staged in East London by volunteers than you are going to see a lot of Black people.

    If you don’t like it your TV has an off switch – failing that, suck it up!

  32. ProudBlackBritish says:

    Some of these comments have made me feel physically sick. This tiny island is filled with nothing BUT “intermarriages” @Someone Who Cares. I’m not sure who you care about, but when my Grandfather came over post-war, he was asked, no begged by the British Government. He and my Grandmother had children and my Father married my white mother and I grew up in a very mixed, multi-cultural family. Let’s face facts for a moment – WE ALL ORIGINATE FROM AFRICA. Africa is the birthplace of man and so to believe anything other than that we are all one, we should all have freedom of movement across the world is a ridiculous idea. My father was born in Grenada and raised in the UK. He considers himself (as I do) British.

  33. everyone ive spoken to said the exact same thing… artificial, condescending and completely racist farce. and im in NYC

    anyone who says there was nothing wrong with the opening is both a liar and a racist.

  34. I don’t much care if those depicted were black, white or sky blue, as long as they managed to speak English. And I’m prepared to gamble that everyone in that video could.

    It’s Babel you have to watch out for in modern Britain, not Babylon.

  35. Black people have been in England since the Roman occupation. There were African people in the court of King James and Queen Elizabeth I. Many white who think they were pure as snow have black ancestry. Scientist James Watson spouted nonsense about the genetic inferiority of black people and the found out he was is inherently 16 percent African, or an amount of “someone who had a great-grandparent who was African. England would not have made such a speedy recovery from WWI without the labour of Caribbean immigrants. I am a British born just, like gold medal winner Jessica Ennis , I have plenty of white ancestry and both of us are native British people, just like a caucasian citizen of England.

  36. @ buddyhell

    You are so wrong in your understanding of British heritage. There are studies that prove Vikings, Normans, & Saxons did not contribute much to the British gene pool. The British, The English, Scots, & Irish are all mostly celtic for the most part.

    As if you couldn’t tell that by looking at them. The average brit looks nothing like what a Viking or Saxon would have looked like. They were GERMANIC, the average Brit of today does not look Germanic. Anglo Saxons, Jutes, Vikings and the like would have looked much closer to modern day Swedes, Norwegians & Danes than they do the English.

    Haplogroup R1b is the most frequent haplogroup in Britain today. Its a haplogroup that most of western Europe shares. And it is found in most of the locations the celtics have historicaly settled. The myth that the British of today are Vikings, Saxons, Jutes etc is just that a myth. In reality they contributed only a little to the British gene pool.

  37. @ eshowoman

    Please don’t try to fabricate crap. The majority of British caucasians have haplogroups Mtdna & Y Haplogroup similar to other Europeans. So please, stop trying to “Blackwash” british caucasians. Afrocentrist like you used to try to do that with the Spaniards & Italians long ago, but every single study refutes afrocentrist ideals.

    The majority of British whites are 100% european decended, just as the Italians & Spaniards or even Slavs. Please stop trying to change the genetic history of Europeans.

  38. @ eshowoman

    Do not spout what the British would not have done. You are talking about a nation who has contributed & invented more things than any single other nation in the world.

    Everything from Computers, The world wide web, Telephones, Televisions the majority of the things we use today are British. So don’t tell me what would have been “impossible” for Britain. Impossible was having a smaller population, being on an Island and yet becoming the largest empire in the world and also inventing the most in the world, and yet the British did it.

  39. All you supporters of a multiracial society give me rhe name of a black who won the nobel prize for a hard science like Physics and I will agree that having our country invaded by blacks is nothing to worry about. Otherwise shut up.

  40. Danny Boyle should be ashamed of himself.

    Rather than promoting white diversity in the form of redheads, blondes and brunettes, he instead showed images of black people trampling all over white history and white diversity in the name of “multiculturalism”.

    What a joke.

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