A member of the government has taken to Twitter to attack Andrew Lansley over the closure of a specialist children’s heart unit at a hospital near her constituency, claiming that the health secretary had refused to meet with local MPs before making the decision.

Nicky Morgan, PPS to universities minister David Willetts, said she was “stunned” that she hadn’t been able to put her concerns to the Health Secretary before the decision — which means drastically increased travelling times for vulnerable families — was made.

Hypocrite Morgan is the latest member of the government to back Lansley over NHS changes — only to start whining when it affects their constituency. She follows in the frontbench footsteps of Foreign Secretary William Hague, who joined a protest in May against cuts to his constituency hospital.

It seems battered Lansley is now adopting the “La, la, la! I can’t hear you!” approach to criticism.

  1. I’ve never forgotten the video you put up of him on QT when a nurse dared to criticise what he was doing. His face showed how he felt about the criticism; utter disgust and loathing. He looked at her like she was a piece of filth on his shoe

    I wonder what happened to that poor nurse.

    He’s a vile man. I’m glad our government in Scotland has steered well clear of any of his get rich quick plans for his mates in England.

  2. The closure of some paediatric heart units has been mooted since the Bristol heart scandal over 15 years ago. It makes good sense, would you want your baby operated on by teams who perform such procedures frequently, or by a non-specialist wanting to “have a go”? MPs will always be tempted to grandstand over the closure of NHS facilities. If they do when the closure will deliver healthcare benefits it shows they are weak minded demagogues.

  3. ALL of the current heart units are operated by specialists, Simon. You don’t get to be a paediatric cardiac surgeon just cos you fancy ‘having a go’! What a ridiculous statement. Mortality rates are not an issue in any way whatsoever here.

    Glenfield in particular, which is what Nicky Morgan is tweeting about, has an ECMO survival rate that is 20% higher than the worldwide average! A leading ECMO specialist (overseas) commented this week that the move of the ECMO service will lose 20 years of hard work and result in the death of at least 50 children. Birmingham, the hospital the ECMO service would be moved to has neither the bed space nor the expertise for this service. THOSE are the kind of concerns that MPs would like a chance to address in parliament.

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