Justifying her rebel support for a motion which could see the Nick Clegg’s beloved Lords reform talked outNadine Dorries spent Sunday morning complaining that the Liberal Democrats would spike the boundary review if changes to the upper chamber were opposed by Tories. In reality, Nadine is desperate for a Lib Dem insurrection over boundary changes — because she stands to lose her seat.

Attacking Charles Kennedy on Sky News’ Murnaghan, Dorries foamed:

“So why are you blackmailing us then? They are saying ‘if you don’t give us the vote on Lords reform, we won’t give you boundary control.”

But as Scrapbook reported in April, Dorries is at loggerheads with her own party over changes which would see her constituency obliterated. Indeed, one Tory strategist has been heard to utter:

“There are some interesting seats disappearing. Put it this way: no one is shedding any tears over Mid Bedfordshire.”

Dorries doth protest too much.

  1. I don’t want Nadine to go!!!
    I pity the constituency she runs but from afar she’s just too much fun to have in the Tory party!

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