Boris Johnson’s hulking disaster of a policing deputy, Stephen Greenhalgh ordered his department’s acronym be changed so it sounded “less girly”.

The Mayor’s Office of Policing and Crime, established just six months ago, was abbreviated to MOPC — pronounced “Mopsy”, which sounded to many like a character from an Edwardian children’s book.

A City Hall source told Scrapbook:

“It reminded everyone of Mopsy out of the Peter Rabbit books so they decided to change it to something less girly sounding.”

Last month an additional A was officially added to the acronym, to create the adrenaline-pumped “MOPAC”.

Boris appeared to concede yesterday that the acronym had been changed because of its similarity to a fluffy woodland animal from children’s fiction, which apparently:

“failed to give appropriate recognition and respect to the significant role and influence of MOPAC.”

He went on to confirm £75 of “IT related costs” had been incurred by changing the name, but that only one person had as yet ordered new business cards — Deputy Mayor Greenhalgh.

Keeping with the Beatrix Potter theme, Scrapbook eagerly anticipates the launch of the Central Terminal Nexus for Transport in London (CTNTL).

  1. Well, that’s even more confusing: MOPac is the name of a semi-empirical molecular orbital calculation program for carrying out molecular mechanics, modelling and drug design – maybe that’ll be too geeky for them!

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