While MPs would have us believe that they spend recess doing “constituency casework”, Corby’s celebrity representative Louise Mensch spent much of yesterday haranguing Scrapbook after we highlighted the 17,000 fake accounts following her on Twitter.

The obvious defence would be that she hadn’t bought them herself, which was why Scrapbook was careful never to make this allegation in the first place. But this didn’t stop Mensch claiming that we had yesterday, insisting that we had used the word “scandal” — before “backing down down without admitting it”.



From national newspapers and the BBC down to blogs, online publishers routinely “rush out” stories before updating them. Our original post referred to the “epidemic of Tories” with paid-for followers — perfectly reasonable given this is from a Liberal Conspiracy post documenting the trend. But repeatedly misquoting us yesterday, Mensch substituted the decidedly more accusatory word “scandal”, implying its removal meant that we had changed our line.

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For the avoidance of doubt, we stand by the original wording — there is still an epidemic of Tories with thousands of fake followers.

Scrapbook is happy to be attacked by Tory MPs — provided they get their facts straight.

  1. @David: I agree that this is navel-gazey, but I won’t allow Mensch’s repeated attempts to smear the quality of our editorial to go unchecked. She’s gone quiet now, I notice.

  2. @Matt G: Total crap. If that’s the case, what allegation have we withdrawn? How can our line have “softened” when we stand by both versions?

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