Westminster’s self-styled queen of social media has at least 17,000 fake Twitter followers. With her count going up massively overnight, a closer inspection reveals huge numbers of accounts with no tweets and profile information stolen from other users.

With numerous junior Tories caught paying to boost their social media standing, Grant Shapps has been exposed for using a follow-spam bot and now Mensch has thousands of fake followers.

But what a pity Louise can’t buy 17,000 users for Menshn.

  1. erm… 23rd july, as inyesterday?! Someone has so obviously ‘gifted’ her the fake followers to do this story! Obviously not PSBook… but someone.

  2. “Poisoning the well”, much ‘Guido’?

    It is of course utterly inconceivable that a political blog might keep tabs on a MP with a relatively high public profile who is active on social meeja…

  3. James Dixon says:

    If Laurence was to buy 20k followers for one half of Menshn to make them look like a dick it sure as hell wouldn’t be Louise.

  4. James Dixon says:

    “If you’re in front of Guido, your behind a conspiracy”

    Your skills are fading with age, Mr. Staines

  5. I really don’t understand this latest obsession with “fake followers”. It’s a bit like screaming that someone isn;t popular because they get more spam email than real email isn’t it? It’s also stretching to accuse everyone of buying them.

    I mean, ffs, I get weird Bieber fan and One Direction fans following me that are so obviously bots, I’ve even tweeted about it. There’s not much I can actually do about bar being anally rententive and paying so much attention that I block everyone of them – altho I don’t even know if that impacts on total follower numbers anyway, would need to test.

  6. if only Guido put the same effort he does into trolling other sites’ comment sections into keeping the racists off his own

  7. @Jono… oh really? Without maybe a few hours of dev work you could knock up a small multithreaded python script that could create fake accounts and add followers to that magnitude in a matter of minutes. Twitter’s API is pretty nifty and easy to code against.

  8. Saying this, I’m not really commenting on where the followers came from, more that I just find it bizarre the way this is the latest fad line of “investigation” that seems to think the political twittersphere is something greater than one massive echo chamber.

  9. Lousie Nemsch says:

    As for Olympics profiles, why hasn’t Lousie been higher ? She would look spiffing in a ‘Things Go Better With Coke ‘ T-shirt – she’s probably been told to keep a low profile by the sponsors – and how on earth did her husband Peter’s band ‘Snow Patrol’ ever get chosen to play the Hyde Park Olympics Concert?

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