With cyclist Lizzie Armitstead beaten into second place in the Olympic road race — but nevertheless picking up Britain’s first medal of the games — the Daily Mail’s Jan Moir has chosen to describe the new Olympic champion Marianne Vos as “some bitch from Holland”.

In an article entitled “Just what HAS happened to Sharron Davies’ face”, Moir opines:

“According to commentators, she had  ‘fresh legs in good shape’, which she used to batter heroically through a torrential rainstorm, only to come second to some bitch from Holland.”

Moir is no stranger to controversy, after implying the tragic early death of ex-Boyzone singer Stephen Gately was somehow linked to his sexuality.

Moir may yet rival Aidan Burley for champion idiot 2012.

  1. Kulgan of Crydee says:

    Surely even the Daily Mail have to stop publishing the tripe from this woman (or bitc h if you prefer).

  2. Ingeborg de Jong says:

    I think her description of our national Pride Marianne Vos as being “a bitch” suits HER much better considering her rude languange and insults of people who have really accomplished wonderfull things. Probably just jealousy speaking …

  3. Vile and unjustifiable comments again from the Dail Mail. The sooner sponsors realise the brand is toxic and avoid this hate-filled platform completely, the better.

    Jan Moir certainly does not speak for the people of Britain who were enthralled and awestruck by Marianne Vos’ incredible achievement, and justifiably proud of Lizzie Armitsteads stunning silver.

  4. Andy Lombardi says:

    Proof, if needed, as to why ‘that’ publication is known as ‘The Daily Hate’ or ‘Daily Heil’. A supposedly posh version of a Murdoch publication, telling us what to think while pandering to the slavering, hate filled xenophobes of the country.

    So Holland came first, what’s the problem? Their girl was better on the day. I still say well done to all who took part (the ethos of the Olympics).

    Particularly well done to those first three. you can be patriotic without lowering yourself into the gutter!

    Well said Louise Jallow.

  5. What a bad sport this Moir woman is. Very un-British. Apparently she was ‘brought up’ but not educated in normal human behavior.

  6. Englishman Abroad says:

    As an expat Brit who lives in the Netherlands, I’d like to emphasise that this kind of bad-losership is not shared by me or anyone in the expat community I know.
    Marianne Vos is a great cyclist and there is no shame whatsoever in coming second to her.
    Jan Moir on the other hand is what the Dutch would call a ‘vernijnig kreng’ who will never achieve anything of value

  7. Ahhhh full of the good Olympian spirit of the importance of the game… I thought it was supposed to be an English trait too.

    Clearly the Daily Mail (tits only on the internet version) takes the attitude. English Games = English Winners (or for the Scottish Edition) British Games = British winners), or it’s simply not fair.

    Moir is a truely revolting old cow.

  8. Steven Andrew says:

    The Daily Mail forget that one of the supposed traditions of the British is fair play. Moir seems to have forgotten about this great tradition of ours.

  9. Moir is an opinionated Harpy, who writes for a bigoted rag. She is of no concern and should be regarded by anyone from outside (and indeed inside) the UK in much the same way as you would regard an un-scooped dog-turd in a park – unsightly and offensive, but ultimately irrelevant.

  10. ‘some bitch from Holland’ how disrespectful!

    I say we invade England, capture Jan Moiron and publicly disgrace her in Holland 🙂

  11. I understand it’s not all of the British people who think like this. But still it stings quite a bit. Marianne Vos did what every athlete on the Olympics wants; she won! She did this by giving everything in her tiny body. She trained hard for it!

    I’m sure Lizzie trained hard as well, otherwise you can’t become second and Lizzie surely wanted to win as well. This time she was a bit slower, perhaps next time she’s faster. But I guess that’s the whole idea of the Olympics. The use of the word ‘bitch’ is really unnecessary. Being second is still amazing and I’m sure that the UK will win many more medals during these games.

    So as a neighbour, I’d like to wish you folks good luck and I hope we’ll have a great time together; as friends, not as foes.

  12. This is what Wikipedia writes about the games;

    “The Games constitute a major opportunity for the host city and country to showcase themselves to the world.”

    Well England….this is i suppose not hte way you want to showcase yourself to the World?
    Bad losers!


  13. Estella Maduro says:

    Marianne Vos an bitch! You stupid rednecks should put some pepper in Lizzie Armitstead ass!
    Then she probably would have won…

    No England, the best won and if you are not pleased with that then this will be an long summer for you.

    Shame on you!

    Best regards from Holland!
    (PS you are still our friends:-))


  14. For the umpteenth time, my Dutch friends;

    Jan Moir does not speak for any person from the British Isles with an IQ level above that of a potted plant. No one agrees with her, we celebrate athletic excellence regardless of nationality and were awed and impressed by Marianne Vos’ achievement.

    We love you, we hate her, all to the good.

  15. The Online Mail went profitable this year, precisely because of troll-baiting click-throughs like this.
    If nobody went on their website, it would wither and die.

  16. If there is someone NOT a bitch, it is Marianne Vos.
    If there is anyone sweet, down to eart, modest it is Marianne Vos.
    That moir doesn’t know what she is talking about.

  17. Unfortunately, many Dutch people don’t know to avoid the Daily Mail like us right-on lefty Brits do, so they might think it’s representative.

    Oh, and by the way – Marianne Vos isn’t from Holland, she’s from Brabant; also, it’s not the English Olympics, it’s the British Olympics, as far as I’m aware 🙂

    (With love from a Welshman in Holland)

  18. I always watch BBC when there is athletics on TV (in Holland). The simple reason: no one, repeat, no one gives the athletes more respect for their achievments than them. It makes it so much more fun (and yes, emotional too) to watch. So this ‘woman’ is is probably ‘all by herself’ in this opinion.

  19. Barteeeezzzz says:

    This Jan Moir is a dissaster for the always correct and polite Brittish peaople. Please take her prescard and destroy it. Do not let her write some collumns again.

    You are a very naughty girl Jan Moir.

  20. Moir knows what will keep her in the job : plenty of hatred and bile. That’s what the boss is looking for in a journalist.

  21. hahaha what a lot of noise about some cranky woman with sand up her orifices. Definitely not representative for the British people I know. Truly delightful, polite and well mannered people (as long as no alcohol is involved :P), I couldn’t wish for better neighbours.

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