There was a new addition to this year’s guest list for Labour’s summer press reception, where the usual crowd of perpetually thirsty lobby hacks were joined by Messrs Paul Staines and Harry Cole of Guido Fawkes fame.

Ed Miliband’s five-minute chat with Guido — flanked by his press enforcer, ex-Mirror man Bob Roberts — is a marked improvement from the terms on which previous Labour leaders engaged with the blogosphere in general and right-wing bloggers in particular.

According to former Number 10 pollster Deborah Mattinson, she was once harangued by Gordon Brown while brandishing a print out from

  1. @JohnRuddy – if Guido hasn’t had a “genuine scoop” in three years, then lefty blogs have never had any scoops at all, unless you count breaking news about second-rate commentators buying Twitter followers.

  2. He already gets too much publicity, considering the value of his contributions. They seem to be to restricted to hurling abuse and insults around like a spoiled child : see Polly Toynbee articles where he and his myrmidons regularly smear and insult Ms Toynbee without bothering to read or respond to what she is actully writing about.

    We need less of that in politics. It is already far too common. It is debasing democracy and undermining debate.

    So, please no glad talk about engaging with people like this. He should be ignored until he learns how to treat people with respect.

  3. Forensic Accountant says:

    That’s a darn handsome tie that Guido is sporting. A superb Irish gag just told by Ed Mili

  4. therealguyfaux says:

    Buddy Hackett meets Ray Romano. Except that Paul Staines intends to be by design a funny man.

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