The often heated debate on the form that an inquiry into banking practices should take was broken up today by an impromptu display of affection — as Ed Balls blew Kisses across the chamber to Thatcher lookalike Anna Soubry.

Scrapbook wonders what Yvette Cooper will make of the encounter.

  1. Randall Northam says:

    Good God. This is the politics of the fourth form. Now Balls (private school and Oxford) is no better than Gideon Osborne, although thankfully he’s not as big a prat at Osborne (private school and Oxford). No wonder the bloody country is in a mess.

  2. Ditto Randall, ditto. If it were not for the fact that our politicians have already lost the respect of the freethinking world, I’d be embarressed.

  3. Ditto Randall, also.

    No point in being embarrassed for them. They are public school and Oxford. They feel no shame at all… The world is there’s and it’s the rest of us that are wrong.

    Don’t you think it speaks volumes about how crap the education system is/was, that the only people who can get to the top in politics these days are these Hooray Henries

  4. All politicians should be absolutely serious and never smile at any moment, especially in the house of commons, all debate should be conducted in a monotone voice as anything else shows disrespect.

  5. @EamonnMy10cents says:

    Animosity shown is a mere pretence. Remember, win or loose, all politicians are on a nice little erner with somfey sinicure in Europe or the Lords to look forward to if they behave themselves (meaning remaining loyal to the leader, not to their constituents). Seriously, with most politicians in the House of whatever hue, you couldn’t get a fag paper between them and those that appear to be loose cannons are merely that, appearences of loose cannons…called “play acting” a modern take on “bread and circuses”.

  6. I enjoyed the part when the Public Schoolboy (then Oxford) argued with the other Public Schoolboy ( then Oxford).

    Coming next week: Public Schoolboy (then Cambridge) tells Public Schoolgirl (no University education to date) that she is “very out of touch with the public mood on bankers.”

  7. EnglishTeacher says:

    You’re criticising these politicians for their public school education, among other things, but three of you can’t spell and the fourth can’t punctuate!

    I’d be embarressed if I had there brains.

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