The Daily Mail has attempted has attempted to blame Olympic traffic disruption on the Muslim community of east London, highlighting the “vast crowds” in the area for the Muslim month of fasting, Ramadan. While the vast majority of the article covers general traffic disruption caused by the 2012 games, the headline and introduction claims that Muslim worshippers will be responsible for “transport chaos”.

The section attacking Muslims contains no comment from Transport for London or games organisers LOCOG, instead relying on a single quote from a local Asian councillor. And despite carrying a library image of worship taking place on a closed-off back street in East London, it seems the Mail could not find one proposed Ramadan road closure which will impact on the Olympics.

In cowardice typifying the paper’s Muslim-baiting coverage, the article — which is headlined “Ramadan ‘will cause even more transport chaos during the Olympics as worshippers squeeze on to non-Games lanes'” — is credited to the anonymous byline of “Daily Mail reporter”.

Great way to make those 3,000 Muslim athletes feel welcome in London.

  1. Blair is at it too: ‘we musn’t hang bankers’ and ‘we underestimate threat from islamists’.

    It’s diversion and distraction pure and simple.

  2. Disgusting !!!..This paper should have died years ago The thing that alway gets me is that they are blatant racists and bigots and just seem to print what ever they like and no one says a word….they just stir it up and stand back ……..Well done PSB pointing this out

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