Nearly half of Tory activists think the Prime Minister is costing the party votes, according to ConservativeHome — but the leading grassroots website still won’t reveal his standing in the cabinet league table.

Yesterday, Scrapbook revealed Cameron’s had been quietly airbrushed out after previous poll results showed his popularity plummeting. The site has now released some damning numbers this morning, revealing 43% of members don’t think Cameron is a vote winner, as opposed to a miserable 36% who do.

But the outcome of the poll’s key question, which asked if members were satisfied with each individual cabinet member, remains absent for the PM — prompting speculation over where his low watermark will lie.

Imagine the embarrassment if he polled lower than Beaker.

  1. Bill Edmunds says:

    I thought that it was funny that Gideon referred to how unpopular Ed Balls was with his colleagues yesterday as he retreated into pathetic bluster. Perhaps he ought to find out which Tory Cabinet Minister referred to him as a Bastard. It would make a good follow up article for the Spectator as Gideon names the culprit.

  2. Was it any different for Blair? Four per cent of people in the UK are members of a political party, and even less will be an active member. File under ‘meh’.

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