• Secret dinner with Rupert Murdoch in January 2011
  • Sneaked details onto website in November 2011
  • Assembly Members to question Boris today

A series of clandestine meetings between the Mayor of London, Rupert Murdoch and high level executives at News International were kept secret for ten months at the height of the phone hacking scandal, it will be confirmed today.

City Halls’ monitoring officer has disclosed to opposition members of the London Assembly that details of the meetings, published by Political Scrapbook two weeks ago and also scheduled to include Rebekah Brooks and Will Lewis, were placed in an obscure corner of the London.gov.uk website on 1 November 2011ten months after they took place and four months after a freedom of information request was made to obtain the data.

In just one session of Mayor’s Question Time, Boris Johnson described phone-hacking as:

  •  “a load of codswallop cooked up by the Labour Party”
  • “patently politically motivated”
  • “a politically motivated put up job”
  • “completely spurious and political”
  • “a song and dance about nothing”
  • “whipped up by the Guardian and the Labour Party”

But in the ten months in which the meetings were kept hidden, the News Of The World was axed, Operation Weeting was launched and the world learned the true extent of the scandal, including the hacking of Milly Dowler and dead soldiers’ families — prompting the launch of the Leveson Inquiry.

We look forward to Boris’ explanations — at 10am this morning.

  1. Glen Shakespeare says:

    The sad thing is this comes as no surprise whatsoever. BoJo is as low in my personal esteem of politicians as Cameron , Clegg & Osborne. Why the people of London chose him for Mayor is way beyond my comprehension. Quite frankly I wouldn’t trust him in charge of a broom.

  2. It would be helpful to have the link to the obscure place on the London.gov.uk website since we could then see for ourselves first hand and it would give credibility to the article.

  3. Boris is both a gobshite and very dangerous , he got his popularity from acting the ‘Friendly Buffoon’ as a celebrity on TV talk shows. In fact he is just another ‘Posh Boy’ having fun at the exspense of the poor and disabled. As one of Camerans cronies along with the rest of the Eton Bullshiters and Liars. They are having great fun in ripping this country to bits. Under their rule the Rich get RICHER and the Poor get even POORER. The sad thing is we are all just standing by and letting it happen?

  4. Calum Edwards says:

    His extravagant statements about wealth, equality/inequality, immigration, Barack Obama, to name but a few, are troubling. They reflect a ferocious and ruthless ambition, which is worrying in itself. His tendency to manufacture ‘facts’ and play fast and loose with them, plus his tendency to crumble when personally challenged suggest he does not have the substance needed to be a prime minister.

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