David Potts with local politicos at South Tyneside Civic Ball (not a bunga bunga party)

A UKIP councillor seeking the party’s nomination for Northumbria Police Commissioner invited a constituent to a “Bunga Bunga” party — a phrase used by disgraced former Italian premier Silvio Berlusconi to describe alleged sex parties.

David Potts, who sits on South Tyneside council, bragged on Twitter about his “W&S” and “bunga bunga” parties, and even invited a member of the public to one.

But Potts has denied attending sex parties, claiming that “W&S” stood for “wine & sandwiches” rather than “wives & swingers”. He said:

“My understanding is that [bunga bunga]  is merely a social gathering. The phrase is used among my circle. I may have misunderstood its perceived meaning.”

As well as his, erm, recreational activities, Potts has acquired a reputation as something of an online thug, attacking the council as a “poxy backwater” and making derogatory comments about council employees.

Potts also upset fellow councillors, when he asked porn star Mercedes Ashley to congratulate a colleague on being re-elected.

“As far as I am aware,” said the borough’s only Conservative councillor Jeff Milburn, “I have not been contacted by any American porn stars.”

  1. Bronte Butterworth says:

    Everyone in Tyneside fell over laughing when they read that Pottsy didn’t know what the term bunga bunga meant. He and his mates are widely known for their regular sex parties. I have many female friends who have attended. The only rule is that they must be aged between 18 and 30. Once you hit 30 Pottsy and his elitist mates won’t look at you. The man is absolutely sex mad. I’m using my real name and he knows who I am, so I take full responsibility for this comment. David, why do you BS people? Everyone knows exactly what you get up to! x

  2. Bronte Butterworth says:

    Most rich guys promise diamonds and rubies, this guy wins girls by promising oral sex and orgasms!

  3. Claire Lewis says:

    This is news? He’s been holding these parties for years. So funny he’s tried to lie his way out of it. I used to go to them. His special fetish… he likes discipline.

  4. Emma Bryant says:

    I am sick to the stomach of reading this story over and over again: – it being a concentrated attempt to destroy Mr. Pott’s political career.

    He is well educated with a wholesome knowledge of Elizabethan torture methods, but don’t worry it’s an acquired taste, he won’t hurt you.

    He’s been very kind in loaning me the money to equip my own chamber, such a kind and generous man.

    I’m bemused at the controversy surrounding his actions, one can only think you are jealous of his incredible ability to arouse a woman to infinite height.

    The more you victimise him, the greater prowess he will have, our nights will be longer and there will be no day. Don’t saturate us with any more of this boring drivel of a story, he’s perfect as he is and I never want to come down.

    Please be aware that Mr. Potts has NEVER paid me for sex or any other person attending Bunga Bunga. Indeed, I should be paying him, because he is never short of new ideas to entice me back to bed and further nurture my sexual appetite.

    I’m not after his money, I don’t need it: – but I tell you this, I couldn’t live without him fulfilling his promises to me. He’s openly honest in all aspects including his appetite for hard core sex.

    Hopefully one day he will propose to me, although I’m old enough to be his mother, (Although I know he wouldn’t be true to me).

  5. Bronte Butterworth says:

    @ Claire and Emma, glad to be among those who have had the David Potts Experience, and of course, among those who know the truth, it’s a travesty that our David being a lover and not a hater is made to look like a bad thing, perhaps those reporting this rubbish should go to one of his parties, might loosen them up a little! 🙂

  6. And if Mr Potts truly is a lover and not a hater then why is he a part of a fascistic party like UKIP! Thought they were big on family values and all that guff. Just another hypocritical little cretin no doubt.

    Honestly, and, Emma, does he or does he not dispense with women when they hit thirty as Bronte suggests? More comments please!

  7. Bronte Butterworth says:

    Actually, I don’t think it’s funny at all. Our David likes lots of sex. Why should that mean he won’t make a good head of police? He gets criticised because he’s still in his 20s, criticised because of what he does for a living and criticised now over this. It is not fair on him and frankly I think some poorly-hung male reporters are jealous that he gets attractive women whilst they all have to go home to scrape the love barrel.

  8. This old chestnut. I’ve been to dozens of his parties. What the big deal? They are basically just big orgies. No harm done. Leave him alone.

  9. HAHA! Brilliant. No response to my points raised, just more astroturfing and some logical fallacies thrown in for good measure. XD

  10. Bronte Butterworth says:

    Well, I’ve no interest in politics, but I would say that family values only apply to those who have a family??? As David isn’t married and is without kids of his own I’d say that there is nothing hypocritical about him in that respect. It seems to me you are not actually interested in the political aspects of this, merely interested in trolling, you’re probably just some sad guy sitting around in his boxers eating pasty after pasty after pasty wondering what the hell happened to his feet. Good luck with that, I’m done feeding this troll.

  11. All implies that those comments don’t all come from one IP. I’d be interested whether or not that’s the case.

  12. That’s a really nice picture of David and the two barmaids from him local embibing emporium The Red Lion. I wonder what those two young ladies feel now that they’ve been linked to this story.

  13. Fubar Saunders says:

    Yep, usual lefty bollocks. Cant find any other way to take UKIP on so, play the man instead. Quelle Surprise.

  14. Emma Bryant says:

    Jon, the 30 rule applies, but I have an exemption, due to certain “skills” I have developed ;-). Ask David nicely and he may invite you one of our little get togethers, MWAH MWAH XXX

  15. I think attending these parties may be bad for your health, including your mental health. As for the fake ‘ladies’ here, will this man go to any “lengths” to assert that isn’t just another UKIP nutter? Although I admit this is a more original angle than usual.

    Oh, and “Fubar” we don’t waste out time with UKIP other than to laugh at them, that’s just how meaningless you are.

  16. Emma Bryant says:

    Hey Cnut, sorry if I miss spelled your name.

    I am truly a Lady with style and etiquette with the wisdom of all ages and an I.Q. beyond your dreams, fool. David is a rare gem in the political arena, promoting truth and justice. You are weak minded if you consider the joy of sex bad for your health. I posses a beautiful mind and a gorgeous body, you are likely to be an uneducated lefty, go back to your ghetto!

    Finally, will the editor of this website please verify that my IP address is unique and genuine?

  17. Hey, whoever you are, you didn’t misspell my name…. “fail.”

    “I am truly a Lady with style and etiquette with the wisdom of all….” who cares?

    “David is a rare gem in the political arena, promoting truth…” UKIP and the truth have a loose association.

    “You are weak minded if you consider the joy of sex bad for your health.” Never said that, “fail.”

    “I posses a beautiful mind and a gorgeous body….” yet you spend your time here monitoring this entry, picking up the trash? Yeah, whatever you say, you cross dressing sock puppet!

    “you are likely to be an uneducated lefty, go back to your ghetto!” Call that an insult? Seriously, you need to get out more…

    “Finally, will the editor of this website please verify that my IP address is unique and genuine?” What would that prove? That someone can use more than one computer?….”fail.”

    Although I hate generalisations, “…including this one” try some reading: http://homepage.psy.utexas.edu/homepage/students/easton/PAID_exploit.pdf

  18. David is a strange one.

    When this story was linked on twitter yesterday, David was a bit upset and launched another twitter tirade; this time aimed at PoliticalScrapbook. He was upset that his girlfriend would read it.

    Hours later, his girlfriend joins twitter. If she wasnt on twitter before then, how would she have seen the link?

    I suspect no such girlfriend exists, and the same fictitious status can be attributed to the ladies making comments on here.

  19. Ah…. no more squeaking from the sock puppets, the probably PR company money ran out pretty quickly, another UKIP cheapskate…

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