The Yes Scotland independence campaign headed by roly-poly Alex Salmond has tripped over its own feet again. Spinners have been caught photoshopping fake badges onto “supporters” used in promotional materials — with the individuals pictured actors and not even Scottish.

The central image on the campaign website was a stock image called “international festival audience celebrating” which was purchased and edited to add “Yes” badges. This is scarcely the best advertisement for a campaign attempting to capture the spirit of, erm, Scottish identity.

This embarrassment follows controversy earlier this week after the campaign attempted to claim that anyone who followed them on twitter backed independence — posting their photos onto the website without permission.

Salmond’s independence dream already seems to be going the way of his bonkers “Arc of Prosperity”.

  1. David MacGille-Mhuir says:

    Tut tut – personal smears & chauvinistic, internal colonialist spin. So much for anti-imperialist, international solidarity. More Little Englander propaganda. Disappointing.

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