• Salmond government refused to comment on allegations
  • Murdoch accused of pressuring Scottish prosecutors
  • Cover-up over NOTW meetings with Edinburgh police

Scottish government telephones were targeted for phone hacking, it has been claimed. The news comes despite the refusal of Alex Salmond’s administration — backed by Rupert Murdoch — to comment on allegations said to have had a “serious impact” on the country’s security.

Scottish Lib Dem leader Willie Rennie wrote to the country’s top civil servant to ask whether official phones were hacked — but Sir Peter Housden refused to comment. Rennie told the Scotsman:

“It seems clear to me that Scottish Government phones have been hacked. Sir Peter could easily have told me that the Scottish Government had not become a victim. Telling me nothing had happened would not have jeopardised any police investigation – but he didn’t.”

In contrast with London, where the Leveson Inquiry and media select committee have placed evidence in the public domain, Scottish authorities have refused to release vital information on the basis that Strathclyde Police’s Operation Rubicon investigation is ongoing.

As Scrapbook confirmed last week, however, the Glasgow-based force have made precisely zero arrests for hacking — despite a long list of victims and Alex Salmond’s claims at Leveson of a “well-resourced investigation”.

The Edinburgh-based police force which originally prosecuted Tommy Sheridan for perjury have refused to reveal details of meetings with Scottish News Of The World journalists, while prosecutors have also refused to reveal NOTW contact — despite a top QC accusing them of being nobbled by Murdoch.

It’s not the scandal that gets you … it’s the cover-up.

  1. Hmm where’s the proof of this accusation?

    The article appeared in Scotsman today in typical Wullie Rennie style, while Alex Salmond is in America. I remember the LibDem “Sheik” poster appearing while AS was in Dubai last year too, I call this cowardice not politics.

    Too much to hope for some honesty from the LibDems in Scotland?

  2. Let’s just have the reported response by Sir Peter Housden from the Scotsman.

    “However, in his response, Sir Peter said he was unable to disclose the information while the Leveson Inquiry and Strathclyde Police’s Operation Rubicon were ongoing.”

    So he’s not refusing, he’s saying he cannot disclose because the matter is subjudice.

  3. @Maisie: Rubbish. The fact of the government being targeted or not isn’t subjudice. That’s like the police saying: “Someone has done something bad, but we can’t say what it is before the trial.”

    If it were subjudice, the precise same sort of offences wouldn’t have been revealed by the Metropolitan Police.

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