As we revealed last week, Michael Gove told the Leveson Inquiry that he hadn’t heard of News Corporation’s $360m education subsidiary — despite spending two days with the executive in charge. A further trawl through documents obtained by this blog through raises further questions about Gove’s version of events.

Internal emails from the Department for Education show discussion about NewsCorp’s education interests mere weeks after it acquired Wireless Generation in November 2010. Coordinating an appearance by Joe Klein at a Free Schools conference in January 2011, News Corp specifically directed that Mr Klein was to be referred to as:

“CEO, Educational Division and Executive Vice President, Office of the Chairman, News Corporation”

Given that we already know NewsCorp was hoping to open its own free school, and Klein was angling for support from the Education Secretary, the suggestion that he wouldn’t have mentioned a $360m marquee acquisition seems odd to say the least.

When quizzed last Tuesday, however, Gove claimed:

“I didn’t know anything about that [Wireless Generation] until I read about it in the Guardian”

Stay tuned for more on Gove later this week.

  1. Steven Andrew says:

    Gove is going to be the next Tory leader, you know. And I think he may be leader before the next election.

  2. Please – whatever documents you have turn them over to the inquiry. I would love to see him try and squirm his way out of a perjury charge.

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