Above is the pub previously run by Molly Prince, the director at the centre of the Jubilee stewards scandal, at which she witnessed thugs brandishing a stick used to deliver a savage beating which “nearly killed” a man. Despite the victim ending up in a coma — she was convicted of perverting the course of justice after refusing to testify against them.

According to Prince’s own claims in a book on the security industry, the open fire in her pub was used to destroy the weapon — provided by her then boyfriend — while she looked on.

The incident poses a number of serious questions. For her training business — with fake offices purporting to be at the University of Salford — to have Approved Contractor Status with the Security Industry Association (SIA), Molly Prince and her organisation must pass a “fit and proper” test:

“We must be satisfied that the company seeking approval is a ‘fit and proper’ organisation. In addition to this, directors of the company must be considered ‘fit and proper’ persons”

For these purposes, Prince must also be a licensed director:

“Licensed directors. All licensable directors must hold a valid SIA licence or, in our view, have taken adequate steps to obtain one.”

Perverting the course of justice in relation to a violent offence is classified as “serious” by the SIA — the most severe rating possible under the schedule provided by the regulator. This poses the question as to how Molly Prince not only obtained an SIA license, but public sector training contracts worth millions of pounds.

Scrapbook understands that Prince and her network of companies are “looked after” by an individual at the SIA with whom she has a close relationship.

The questions don’t stop with workfare contractors and the DWP.

  1. Questions must be asked of the Ministers in charge when the licence was issued (Labour ministers as the dates make clear) and I hope Political Scrapbook won’t hesitate to do so.

    Great reporting so far.

  2. As I’ve mentioned elsewhere I have an outstanding request for information from SIA in relation to Mary (or Molly) Prince. Basically, I have asked them whether in the light of the continuing flood of information concerning her background whether they are reconsidering their decision to award her company their approval to conduct SIA training. I don’t really see how they can allow this situation to continue and if their SIA approval/licence is rescinded, then surely CPUK can have no role to play whatsoever at the forthcoming Olympics.

    If you’ve not already contacted your MP to create a stink about this then please, please do. I’m determined not to let this person (I use the term loosely) to get away with this.——–@EamonnMy10cents

  3. These vile people get through the net by be-friending someone in authority or by giving some sort of favour. We as a country have a go about others and the effects of bribes (etc). As my mother once said “you know what you are getting with the Tories – all their friends making money on our backs”.

  4. devils advocate here, well with regard to SIA the conviction may well of been “spent” and the full extent of the case not available to them, it is now so if they revoke the licence now….

    Also although minor the motives and multiple registrations should not be overlooked, they are defo dodgy and are also grounds to revoke, as well as of criminal interest and interest to HMRC as well as maybe the SFO as large amounts of Tax payers money may have been obtained by Fraud .

  5. Another odd security firm is standeasy security who are providing security for royal ascot in june 2012 but have just lost the sia acs as they are not a fit and proper company, david graham price was one of the directors but had his sia licence number 0330012447553189 revoked last year please don’t let standeasy keep this contract

  6. she allegedly is now saying she was wrong to plead guilty …so that’s all right then as they say in Private Eye

  7. “Is Harry Cole still defending this company?”

    Looks like he’s been fired and replaced by Max Clifford.

  8. Re Freyda ………in my experience , and of course I might be too cynical and jaundniced , however ! there is also lot of cynical & jaundiced people that have worked in this cut throat industry , about for some strange coincidence …..what may be described as the lower end firms , tend to reel off all these accreditations for some reason …….let’s just say the devil is in the detail , said detail is very ” interesting ” , there is seemingly a lot of selling something you haven’t got superficiality to put it mildly ! , a lot of these organisations that issue said accreditation’s are seemingly toothless paper tigers …..and they appear to be not worth the paper they are written on . It’s “interesting ” that the reality is a lot different for many .

    Molly Prince’s comments are ” interesting ” , in my opinion ; her CPUK firm has got glorified bouncer agency written all over it with a lot of semi literate , inpenetrable , sometimes incoherent PR / Corporate waffle / gloss but I’m just an old cynic .

    It’s ” interesting ” that the crash and the economic situation was arguably down to the ” light touch of regulation ” .

    Some of the qualifications or accreditations mentioned are in my opinion not exactly difficult to get , though I wouldn’t dream of implying , that there is a very superficial tick box , paper shuffling and target culture but others have ! , and trainees are puppy walked through them of course ! – I’m sure the organisations involved are completely beyond reproach in every respect .

    As for the ” unconventional ” training mentioned in ” The Observer article , often funded by the hard working tax payer / ” deserving poor ” , it is has always been” interesting ” to hear from ex service types and retired police ? , she doesn’t dispute the ” role play ” mentioned in one very critical on line account …and remember that apparently wasn’t an annonymous account .

    It’s also ” interesting ” that Molly Prince doesn’t dispute the fact that she frequents certain Manchester Hotels either …and there was an apparent ” interesting ” annecodote from someone allegedly in charge of security at a high profile Manchester Hotel ….very much food for thought but as I say some of us might be a bit too cynical and jaundiced .

    It’s also ” interesting ” that the reportage re the police woman that resigned for passing on confidential information is married to a jumped up head bouncer ….sorry CPUK Senior Manager that bettered himself hasn’t yet been addressed …..I’m completely sure it was pure coincidence of course , and there’s a perfectly reasonable explanation for it .

    Another ” interesting ” account in ” The Guardian ” by ” Orange Heart ” 6/6 12.11 pm , again having worked for a Household name …think of rats and an ex head of the CBI as CEO ……I have no reason to disbelieve it for a second . The last three sentences in the last paragraph , re the SIA are ” interesting ” .

    ” How could someone who’s never worked in their lives, never been turned away from jobs, never scratched their heads for cash, never been on the dole-end devise welfare policies? How could someone who has never worked in frontline security, never had a field experience in a civilain security setting manage a security company properly?

    How could someone who has no intelligence, no intellect, someone who does not understand strategy or how to organize, plan and implement to the last detail run SIA? The fact individual has been in the special forces, military or police hardly qualifies that person to run a private security company because in a civilian setting the challenges are more overwhelming, peculiarly brutal compared to a battle scenario where you know how to kill or be killed.

    In the private security industry dodgy practices are so common you get the feeling these firms are competing to outdo each other on things dodgy. Security firms are run by ruffians and people who either have no intellect or do not know how to use such.

    Some firms go about with the carriage of being a private army that is better than the SAS even though most guards are only armed with a torch, pdcs (like diester) and probably a receive-only mobile phone or chunky radio yet the guards employers expect them to out-perform SAS commandos.

    A lot of the time, they expect you to go out on patrol every hour, for 12 hours on a pay of less than minimum wage or just about it.

    If you do the calculation, depending on how big your site, it takes you at least 2 minutes to check vulnerable points on your site especially at night and or weekends. Depending on the number of such points you have to check plus the distance you have to work round, and the extra time you might have to spend on a sleeper watch, that is when you have to pretend you have gone back in but you are still around, it’s a kind of ambush method to catch out people who may have timed your patrol rounds.

    When you check all this you’d realize you spend nearly 30-45 minutes on patrols if you do it properly, that is 360-390 minutes on your feet in a 12 hour period (likely more if you do a 15.5 or 24 hour shifts) add this to hourly check calls some eve demand 30-minute check calls on the hour.

    Most companies wont call you, they expect you to call in, if you dont, you you’ll get a barely awake supervisor in the office screaming his/her tits off at ya.

    It is even worse if you are a damn workaholic who does straight 72 hours death-watch shifts like I’ve done in the past friday-mon round the clock watch. With little pay, little motivation, bare-bones equipment if at all, your managers still expect you charge at a group of potentially armed burglars at night who often come in more prepared than a crack squadron of elite soldiers.

    Now I’m unemployed, educated, skilled, experienced, and of course I can handle pressure (dude!) yet they are probably going to condemn me to the hand-out heap. At least, the Tories can give me the SIA and watch how I clean up the mess just for 40 per cent of the SIA chief is paid. That’s a good bargain, innit? ”

    The bit about outperforming SAS commandos is ” interesting ” ……….we’d a ” very challenging ” incident when it went bang off to quote a industry term , re one of the most high profile murder cases of recent times …….the ” rat firm ” had to frantically ring round for guards ………none of them were trained as bouncers or minders …sorry whoops ! , Close Protection as it’s called now and certainly not paid enough to do so .

    I’ve no reason to disbelieve the supervisor screaming at you account ……..I couldn’t get through once and a jumped up bouncer …sorry Supervisor in control threatened jumping in a company van and knocking the doors down , as to the fact that the client , a high profile Government department not being too impressed & the possibility of losing that contract ….well that’s just a minor detail ! .

    I’m absolutely convinced that despite claims to the contrary , there are no Walter Mitty fantasist types that think they’re in some private army or police force whatsoever in the Security Industry .There simply is a lot of people that were merely very unlucky that they were turned down by the Police or the Services …it’s their loss ! .

    We were told in Induction ….the only reason that the wages and conditions were so apparently poor is that the Insurance Firms dealing with these organisations and their premises charged too much , for doing exactly the same job in Northern Ireland – I’d have been directly employed by the Crown ….again pure coincidence ..

    ….nothing to do with the fact it could be very ” challenging ” over there at the time …and no one would touch that job with a barge pole as a contracted employee with the ” little sectarian issues ” or race to the bottom priavatisation outsourcing …foregoing security of employment , union representation , pensions , paid holidays and bank holidays T&C’s etc .

    We were also told by the ” rat firm ” representative …..they didn’t do building sites without basic ammenties like flushing toilets , running water and electricity , and they’d remove their guards if there wasn’t …….however if the fact if anyone who later raised unsafe and unhealthy working conditions was deemed to be a troublemaker to be possibly ” managed out of the business ” was a irrelevant sideshow ………It was my over active imagination about dry rot , damp , freezing cold and dust of course and I had a persecution complex about being bullied and transfered to another site .

  9. http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/crime/first-the-pageant-fiasco-now-minibus-carrying-cpuk-staff-overturns-on-m40-7834917.html

    First the pageant fiasco, now minibus carrying CPUK staff overturns on M40
    Driver is arrested on suspicion of dangerous driving after crash leaves 15 stewards in hospital

    The security company at the centre of a row about its treatment of unpaid workers was facing fresh questions last night after a minibus carrying 15 of its stewards overturned on a motorway and its driver was arrested on suspicion of dangerous driving.

    Close Protection UK Ltd, which apologised last week after unpaid stewards for the Diamond Jubilee celebrations were forced to sleep under London Bridge, confirmed that all the people on board the vehicle were its employees and that at least one man remained in hospital with an open fracture of the hand. The minibus, which was taking the group to Weymouth, overturned on the M40 near the Oxfordshire- Warwickshire border at about 3.15pm on Saturday, forcing the closure of the motorway while ambulances ferried all 16 CPUK workers to six different hospitals. The bus, the only vehicle involved, came to rest on its side.

    Thames Valley Police said the driver, understood to be in his early 30s, was arrested on suspicion of dangerous driving and document offences. He was released on bail. It is understood that police are trying to establish whether the man held the correct classification on his licence to drive a minibus commercially. The collision and arrest of a CPUK employee will cause fresh difficulties for the Wigan-based company, which blamed a “logistics problem” for the incident which led to staff on work experience being left under London Bridge prior to their shift at the Jubilee river pageant. The company defended its record, pointing out that other stewards had praised its training.

    The Independent revealed at the weekend that Molly Prince, founder of CPUK, has a conviction for perverting the course of justice in relation to an assault by two men on a man in Huddersfield in 1994. Ms Prince has said that she now regrets entering a guilty plea on the advice of her lawyer.

    Lord Prescott said yesterday he would be writing to Olympics organisers to ask what due diligence was carried out on CPUK before it was awarded a contract, reportedly worth £850,000, to provide fire marshals for the Games.

    Ms Prince last night said it had been reported to her that the minibus driver had obtained the relevant driving qualification in 1997, but she was awaiting confirmation from the firm’s records. Two men involved in the crash suffered serious injuries while others were “very shook up, battered and bruised”.

    In a statement to The Independent, released through publicist Max Clifford, Ms Prince said: “Fortunately the motorway was quiet yesterday and no other vehicles were involved. The cause of the accident is yet to be determined. I am awaiting details of full incident reports to be collated. My action immediately on receipt of the news was to deploy three cars to the different hospitals to ensure the welfare of my staff, and ensure safe passage home.”

    The seriousness of the motorway crash had initially been unclear, she said. “When we heard there had been an incident, we had no idea of the severity… Once the extent of the accident was explained and understood, there was absolutely no question of any of [the stewards] continuing to their event.”

    CPUK added that procedures put in place after the Jubilee pageant meant it had enough time to send a second team of stewards.

  10. So G4S is just another of these shabby two bit companies with theieving mitts in the till. So much dishonesty even from these big companies.
    One G4S guard arrested for stealing a camera at the Silverstone Grand Prix.
    Two G4S guards arrested as illegal immigrants.
    G4S subcontracting and the subcontractor not paying staff.
    All so VERY familiar.

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