The director of Close Protection UK — the company responsible for the Jubilee stewards fiasco — received a twelve months suspended sentence for perverting the course of justice. The conviction relates to a family dispute which resulted in a man in coma.

Molly Prince made the admission in a chapter she wrote for a book titled Bouncers and Bodyguards: Tales From A Twilight World, which bills itself as “a collection of astonishing true stories…from some of Britain’s most notorious figures“. In her chapter, From Landlord to Trainer of Bodyguards, she says:

“I copped a plea of perverting the course of justice and was given a 12-month suspended sentence”

Prince was initially arrested on suspicion of GBH, and writes of the victim:

“I believe he never fully recovered”

Later on, talking about her move from being a licensee to getting into training, Prince tells of her experience attending a financial management course, and how it led to her decision to found the Learning Development Centre:

“[the trainers] earned approximately £3,500 for three days work, whereas I was still working ninety or so hours a week in a friggin’ pub for a fraction of that. There and then I decided that training was the business to be in.”

What on earth is this woman doing with Olympics contracts?

  1. It staggers me that someone with a Criminal conviction can run a security firm , but then thinking about it , it’s 2012 and Tory Britain , nothing staggers me anymore .

  2. Variety of reasons, I guess. Maybe she donates to the Tory Party; maybe she has something on someone; maybe she is “friends” with someone/ones in “high” places.

  3. Solomon Hughes says:

    Incidentally, this also explains the name of the firm , “Close Protection UK” – close protection meaning the world of bodyguarding (which some see as a kind of glamorous in a ‘hard man ‘ kind of way ) , whereas the Jubilee contract is for stewarding, which is a different area of the business – suggesting Ms Prince wanted really to be about bodyguarding, but presumably drawn to the easier cash and demonstrably in financial difficulty, she got involved in the Work Programme.

  4. Roger Jensen says:

    It is my understanding that you cannot hold SIA licence if you have a criminal record. This cannot possibly be right that this obsequies woman should be anywhere near the Olympics as she is not even able to tell the truth! Good article!

  5. TheNatFantastic says:

    Sorry, I really don’t see what’s wrong with the final quote. What other reason would someone have to go into the training other than it pays much better? Is the problem because she swears? Don’t get me wrong, this woman’s scum of the earth, but including the last quote as some final damnation is like saying ‘this woman puts salt on her chips just because she likes the taste! How on earth did she get an olympics contract?!’

  6. It seems like they have a rep this was posted in the comments page of This is Plymouth
    by takumarFriday, June 08 2012, 11:10AM
    “this at least appears to be a sophisticated campaign by PR company Cicero to try and salvage the reputation of Tomorrows People , Baroness Scott , by common consent the contoversial CPUK and it’s MD Mollie Prince and her mysterious ring of companies .

    I’m sorry but this all appears to be contrived pre scripted PR guff by numbers , I’m afraid we’ve all been around too long and not fallen out of a tree . I do sympathise with the plight of these people but it would be better if they got sustainable work at the ” higher end ” of the cut throat security industry with outfits ran by ex Policemen and Servicemen , not a back street Hindley , Wigan outfit .

    It’s always ” interesting ” to hear what servicemen / ex servicemen / ex and presently serving policemen have to say about these companies ….the thin end of the wedge perhaps . Through experience …I’ve no reason to doubt this account – it’s by no means the only one of this type too .

    ” June 5, 2012 at 10:20 pm
    I received “training” from CP UK a few years ago.
    Let me start by saying the
    Company is a joke! I Enrolled on a close protection (CP) course as unfortunately the SIA do not deem the Royal Military Police Close Protection unit; where I qualified as worthy of there qualification yet the foreign and commonwealth office were quite happy for me to deploy to various embassy’s around the world. Anyway to gain my civilian SIA badge I had to attend an SIA recognised training programme for a 3-4 day course paid for by the MoD.
    I arrived at a tired out former shop on a back street in Hindley Wigan First impression was not a good one and I thought things can only get better!!
    I was ushered to a small make shift class room on the first floor to be greeted by the instructor (more about them later) who introduced himself as a right hard **** (no joke)! Also in the class
    room were other students who had paid upwards of £2000 for a full CP course lasting in the region of 2 weeks. There was a pretty even split in the room half were pumped up tough guys bored of working the doors and the other half job seekers on some kind of a grant paid by the government.
    My course began by the instructor asking my previous qualification (which made him look silly) before sending me out with four other students to teach them how to do a reconnaissance visit. Not correct me if I am wrong but surely that was his job!!
    Each venue I visited were aware of the company. One such venue was the Lowry hotel in Manchester. I spoke with the head of security t the hotel who was well are of the company and Molly Prince. In his words he told me “you seem like a nice fella who knows the job, if I were you I would get the hell away from that company and if Molly Prince turns up here with here doormen again pushing our customers out of lifts etc I will bar the company from using this hotel for good!!

    And so this went on…
    On the final day Prince ordered a range rover be hired as she would be a VIP for the evening while the students were put through the paces and tested. She was driven around Manchester with a friend and a team of body guards (students/doormen). She shopped in the town centre before being driven back to the 5* Lowry where she changed.
    Her and her friend were then taken back in to Manchester where she went on the drink until the small hours before being driven back.

    That was the final test for the students CPUK now sanctioned them as CP operators worthy of an SIA badge! Better still Prince enjoyed a night out costing thousands all paid for by the students fees!!

    I honestly can’t believe this outfit is still running, and am even more shocked they are contemplating allowing them to provide staff for the Olympics.

    What a joke !!!”

  7. TheNatFantastic says:

    Roger Jensen – the general rule is that you can’t get an SIA licence if you have a conviction, but it’s up to the licensing authority (the local council). They have a certain level of discretion and unless your conviction is for a violent offence or fraud/theft, they’re usually OK. In my mind the question is more ‘how can someone with several failed businesses, all doing the same thing, be granted a contract to provide Olympics/Jubilee security?’. She’s either utterly, utterly incompetent or a bit of a fraudster, and after what happened at the Jubilee I’m inclined more towards the latter.

  8. Solomon Hughes says:

    Indeed, Prince’s own SIA license ( number 0830012962411338 ) is in “Close Protection” – it seems the SIA will give licenses to people with “serious” convictions involving “dishonesty” as long as they were a while ago and they can convince the SIA it was “a single “out-of-character” mistake “

  9. Solomon Hughes says:

    Indeed, Prince’s own SIA license ( number 0830012962411338 ) is in “Close Protection” – it seems the SIA will give licenses to people with “serious” convictions involving “dishonesty” as long as they were a while ago and they can convince the SIA it was “a single “out-of-character” mistake “

  10. Solomon Hughes says:

    Indeed, Prince’s own SIA license ( number 0830012962411338 ) is in “Close Protection” – it seems the SIA will give licenses to people with “serious” convictions involving “dishonesty” as long as they were a while ago and they can convince the SIA it was “a single “out-of-character” mistake “

  11. Solomon Hughes says:

    (oops don’t know why that happened, makes me look like a spambot. feel free to delete the multiple comments along with this one . sorry)

  12. So what has happened to the suckers with Close Protection UK is being called a huge surprise? Not to me it isn’t. Exactly these sort of things have happened to me and loads of other guards that I have met. Security employers can and do lie.

    Both Opium Security Solutions Limited and Opium Security Limited were struck out as UK companies. But wait. Opium Sec UK rises from the ashes early 2012 with just a very slight name change and somehow immediately wins an Olympic security contract! You see name changes in security companies all of the time – just enough to be a new company. Security staff are often recruited in large numbers for festivals, then travel at own expense and never get paid. The “security company” is known only at the end of a mobile phone and the unpaid staff have no chance of ever getting paid as the employer has pocketed the money and gone AWOL. I doubt if a lot of these short term Jack in the Box security companies even have public liability insurance, which raises the question, if anything goes wrong, who is responsible and who pays?

    Anyone who has been around UK security will know about the semi literate criminal types who run many security companies, where wages and office bills go unpaid but the owners buy themselves fancy new cars and jet off around the world on “business trips” staying in expensive hotels and holiday resorts. Security Officers are frequently charged lots of money, maybe £100, for uniforms they have never been issued with. Best of all are foreigners who are soon leaving the UK as their os no need to pay them. How can they manage from many thousands of miles away to get wages out of a thieving UK security employer with no intention of ever paying?

    Xfor illegally deducted money from wages to pay the vetting company but the money never went to the vetting company, and Xfor ran from their offices owing substantial rent. They resigned before the SIA kicked them out of the ACS, but even after bankruptcy Xfor reopened using almost the same names and are back in the ACS as if nothing has happened. Xfor had 3 people arrested as spies or terrorists in Kenya and they were caught on camera accepting money to obtain confidential private details. Xfor still breaks the law by attaching magnetic tracking devices to cars. And numerous people who were employed by Xfor went unpaid. Xfor used to charge for more staff at the Hindhead Tunnel than they actually supplied, and the claimed mobile patrols did not always take place, but Balfour Beatty were still charged. Xfor promised people from Bradford and Scotland work. The suckers came down, and despite promises, no work and nowhere to stay. But what would you expect of Steve Gillespie and Gary Lincoln Hope (Hopeless?) as they are both pretty low intelligence and exceptionally untruthful.

    Cobra Security of Southampton have had several name changes but are owned by Sean Knowlson who has two Anti Social behaviour orders. Thousands of pounds of tax and NIC never made it to HMRC but went walkies and many staff went unpaid with P45s never being issued. Their 24 hour control room meant simply Sean Knowlson drove when he was a disqualified driver with a mobile phone with him. Cobra did the usual thing of charging clients even when nobody was actually on site.

    One very common trick with security companies is to deliberately cause an alarm activation which means the company is called out for £100 to reset the alarm that they have activated themselves.

    Much more can be said about numerous security companies, but that is enough. Thanks to Lord Prescott and others who are trying to get things changed. Good luck in what you are trying to achieve.

  13. And this company she owns has the contract for the Olympics! Don’t think I need to say anything else……

  14. Vercingetorix says:

    If the sentence was suspended then the offence must have been pretty low rent.

    The pudding may be getting a bit over-egged.

  15. another comment from the Plymouth Herald:-

    by matthewp1633Friday, June 08 2012, 2:34PM
    “I personally live in Plymouth and have worked in the Security Industry for upwards of 12 years, I know for FACT that 1 of the guys training these people has worked a very, very short period of time within the security sector.

    I also know for FACT that the same person had no teaching experience until doing a 2 day PTTLS (teaching) course. The PTTLS course normally has to be completed over a minimum of 60 hours, so how did they complete this course within 2 days?

    Tomorrow’s people were aware of this situation as the person concerned phoned my employer as this barely qualified, inexperienced teacher had given my employer as a reference. Tomorrows people were told this person has woefully inexperienced in the field he was teaching, however they still went ahead and he ended up teaching these students.

    In his words “Tomorrows People are paying me £90 a day to teach this course”. To describe anyone who is concerned about their treatment, after being given sub standard training and placed into a potentially dangerous job as whinging is wrong. There are so many levels of threat that any security operative has to be aware of and Tomorrows People and CPUK have placed these people in danger without proper training or preparation.

    They have failed in their Duty of Care and should be prosecuted”

  16. It is my understanding that you cannot hold SIA licence if you have a criminal record. This cannot possibly be right that this obsequies woman should be anywhere near the Olympics as she is not even able to tell the truth! Good article!

  17. You can own an SIA licence if you have a ‘spent’ conviction otherwise the rehablitation of offender act wouldn’t be worth the paper written on

  18. Our Criminality Criteria
    We will always carry out a criminal record check on anyone who applies for a licence.

    If you have a criminal record, it does not necessarily mean that you will not get a licence. However, if you do have any convictions, warnings, cautions, absolute/conditional discharges, admonishments or charges awaiting trial for offences we will make our decision according to:

    •Whether the offences are included in the lists of offences on pages 63 to 79 of Get Licensed;
    •The classification of seriousness of the offences (the lists on pages 63 to 79 of Get Licensed classify offences according to degrees of seriousness);
    •The actual sentence or disposal given to you for the offence; and
    •How recent the offences were.*
    * The recency of an offence is measured against the date we make the decision to grant or refuse your licence. Where reference is made in Get Licensed to a time “before your licence application” (as in the paragraph below) or ‘in the past xx years’, the date we use for the calculation is the date on which we make the decision, not the date you originally submitted your application.

    Under our rules, you will be automatically rejected for a licence, unless you have been free of the sentence restrictions for a conviction for at least 12 months and up to five years in more serious cases, before your licence application.

    By ‘free of sentence restrictions’ for a conviction which resulted in a custodial sentence, we mean that we will start counting the time elapsed from the end of the sentence – not from the date when you were sentenced or when the offence or offences were committed.

    For example, if you have been convicted of an offence and spent time in custody, the date for deciding whether the offence is still relevant for licensing purposes is the day after the sentence would have ended. Even if you were released early, we will still regard the offence as relevant up until and including the final date when the sentence restrictions would have ended had the full term been served; the sentence expiry date.

    Suspended Sentences
    In the case of suspended sentences, you will be deemed to be free of sentence restrictions from the end of the sentence period, not the period of suspension. For example a six month sentence suspended for two years would mean you would be considered free from sentence restrictions after six months from the date of conviction not after the whole two years suspension.

    Community Disposals
    In the case of community orders and disposals, or other similar sentences undertaken in the community, you are deemed to be free of sentence restrictions at the end of the period of the order. If no date is given on the criminal records check, you will be deemed to be free of sentence restrictions 12 months after the date of sentence. If you can provide us with evidence from an independent verifiable source that the community disposal was discharged by the relevant responsible body at an earlier date, we will treat that earlier date as the date you are free from sentence restrictions.

    Fines and Other Disposals
    In the case of fines, one day detention, cautions, warnings, absolute/conditional discharges, and admonishments, you will be deemed to be free of sentence restrictions from the day after the sentence or disposal was imposed.

    If your record includes one or more cautions, warnings, absolute/conditional discharges or admonishments within the last two years for a significant offence, or five years for a serious offence, you will not automatically be granted a licence; we will consider additional factors before making a decision.

    Charges Awaiting Trial
    If, when we process your application, there are outstanding charges against you for relevant offences, we will wait until the courts have determined the outcome of the charges before making a decision.

    If your charges have not been resolved after one year your application will be withdrawn. You are reminded that the licence fee is non-refundable.

    Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974
    Access to a person’s criminal record is usually restricted under the provisions of the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974. However, as it is in the public interest for us to have full disclosure of a person’s criminal record in order to assess their suitability for a licence, we are exempt from this restriction and are allowed full access to your criminal record. We are able to consider all offences on record including spent convictions.

  19. its is possible to hold a sia licence and still have a criminal record (roger jenson)if the record is not for something related ie you would get a knock back on sia if you had a record for violence in pubs for example,if the record is for somethin unrelated to the particular type of work being done its more than possible to obtain sia badge..

  20. Frankly through experience I’m not surprised at all …everything about that firm had Bouncer Agency written all over it . We’d a Crown Court Case when the two local Security Agencies started a war with each other , at one time bouncers would have an arrangement to be paid by the Landlord / Landlady …yes shock horror ..not ….it could be cash in hand …then these bouncers would be intimidated and ” encouraged ” to join these agencies , in fact there was more trouble in the town centre caused by bouncers than the usual scrotes and hoodlums …many anecodotal accounts of bouncers being told to start a kick off in a venue to get a contract ….I’m afraid I’m inclined to believe a lot of them ……..and these agencies on a very superficial level appear to be respectable with town centre offices …often supplying retail guards to shops etc .

    No wonder Beecroft and the Tories want red tape and regulation removed ….a Tory Peer on the BBC in trying to justify the Jubilee Stewards scandal said we must grow the industry …even if it meant turning a blind eye to Employment Law and H&S .

    this is / was a very dubious firm Parking Solutions Security Parking (UK) Ltd operated out of Shrewsbury ….started up by a black guy …ex boxer ……………..there was a lot of compliants at a important Central Lancashire train station junction ………

    …………AFAIK no one was assaulted by this guy but a lot of people felt that they were very intimidated ….commuters seemingly went to their MP and from a Google Search there was questions tabled in the House ……..despite their business address they worked from the Midlands ….Tamworth ..

    .I think ……..they got a contract with Virgin Trains and did Car Park duties when VT were running replacement buses when the main lines were closed .

    …….none of the staff were vetted , had SIA licences , there was no equipment , no staff got holiday pay when they qualified for it …one guard claimed that the propreitar couldn’t afford it as he’d his wedding to pay for , they broke staff in gently by mere 14 hr shifts ….but some staff had to do 22 – 24 hrs ones at Carlisle …

    ….there was no facilities for staff at the stations whatsoever ….interviews were held in station buffets … member of staff had his postal wages by cheque stolen …….it was patently obvious he hadn’t drawn on the cheque but was basically told to Foxtrot Oscar .

    ….the firm expected their guards to ride shot gun on these rail replacement buses as bouncers with no restraint or first aid training ….However Virgin Trains are indirectly to blame for hiring these cowboy outfits too

    Staff have very little due recourse in law ….they can complain to ACAS but the only remedy to obtain holiday pay which is due under the EU Working Time Directive is take out an Industrial Tribunal out against these firms …..a lot of staff are frightened to rock the boat …as the word could get round and they’d be unofficially black listed in the Security Industry …and never work in it again .

    The Health and Safety Executive are a toothless paper tiger if complaints are brought against them …judging by the amount of pathetic handwringing and wriggling out of things .

    However aggressive Car Park Firms is basically the business model ….licences are given out wily nily to these semi literate sub criminal types .

    However this is by no means the lower end of the Security Industry Market whatsoever ………there’s outfits that dump people on building sites for the whole weekend …of course they’ve never paid …and if they complain they get a good kicking for their temerity .

    There’s a lot of outfits that are formed when the people in them fall out ……’s not unusual to see the bosses with black eyes having had a good kicking …and many have to work out of the area for their own personal safety .

    One amusing incident was a building firm outfit breaking into a site to get a contract …successfully I may add ! had to buy proper padlocks for the site ….the margins were minimal anyway …the market dictates for these ” cocky watchmen ” firms ….as it happens a outfit set up by a Lawyer and Ex Policeman were looking for him …for using virtually the same company name …they were higher up the security market …guarding large industrial premises etc and the shady outfit lost business the building firms thought well if they’re so cheap …they can’t be any good .

  21. Over fifty years ago, two young enterprising brothers used to start trouble in nightclubs, and other such venues, for the purposes of selling the landlord on the virtue of having a good effective bouncer in charge of the door. Their Christian names were, I believe, Reginald and Ronald…

  22. another one has cropped up re The Royal Family and dubious security outfits – Yes the bit about staff not being paid doesn’t surprise me …even with the ” respectable ” , ” high end of the market ” household name firms …it’s like trying to get money out of a stone

    The one with the former head of the CBI as CEO …..think of rats ! , said they never did building sites …..and if there was no basic amenities like running water and electricity …they’d take their guards off the site …of course que surprise this was all BS ….to be fair New Labour’s Outsourcing and race to the bottom , privatisation is to blame too …..for doing exactly the same job in Northern Ireland you’d be / have been directly employed by the Crown with union representation , decent wages and a pension …many guards worked their annual leave and you also lost site allowance whence on leave .

    A big Tory Donor firm as the cilent took over the premises for refurbishment , many of a time there was no phone you had to do check calls from phone boxes and if for any reason you didn’t woe betide you as you’d be threatened by control .

    There was dreadful problems with cold , rain , dust , dry rot and rising damp affecting my health ….the first time I had to go sick ……..I was told I must produce a medical certificate even for a day or two ……the second time I was really ill …control rang me saying there had been a complaint about a log in the incident book made by myself ….he ” quoted ” me with this ridiculous flight of fantasy , melodramtic statement that I’d ” made ” and I could not go sick twice in a month …….I was told with immediate effect that I was being transfered to another dubious site to personally relieve the guard as he wasn’t on the phone

    …then after doing a night shift ……I’d have two days off to be ill and ” suddenly ” recover ……as some ex services types have said there’s loads of Walter Mitty / self styled hardmen fat neck types in charge / working in the Security Industry .

    As it happened I called this idiots bluff – I said , I’m going to the Doctor’s Surgery now , she’ll want to know why I’m ill and the Health and Safety Executive / Council Environmental Health would be taking more than a passing interest in working conditions …….he soon his tune ….however when talking to one of the Foremen on return to work …….he told me that I was not coming back .

    Actually a ” Rat man ” who worked for the same big company and did the rounds of premises in the area ……..took this company to Tribunal and won …even though he’d a temporary ban on his driving licence he was allowed to travel everywhere by public transport …seems like this company only understood one language ?

    Anyway re Her Royal Highness Queen Elizabeth II

    ” M V commented on Queen Put at Risk by Workfare Provider.

    in response to eddiegillard:

    At 2300 Saturday 2nd of June 2012, a coachload of Tired, untrained and ill equipped people left Bristol by coach for London and the Queens Jubilee. At around 0240 they were dropped off by the side of a road with their Baggage and Tents and left stood for more than an hour along with 80 […]

    I worked at Royal Ascot as steward/security 2 years ago. It was the same. My workmates and I were completely untrained and unchecked. We were in the box with the queen and guarding the track when she came down in the carriage. Camping 20 minutes away with food only provided for 2 of the 7 days there. It also turned out that we didn’t get paid because the boss was a crook. His name is Pat Brown from Weymouth in Dorset. Do not ever work with him. The stewarding and security industry is always like this. “

  23. Remember the name Levi Bellfield? He had an SIA licence and was convicted of murdering several women. Security is the pitz. Every day you can find crooks falsely claiming to be SIA approved contractors on gumtree etc. someone commented above about Royal Ascot, well if you have any sence do not work for Standeasy Security who are recruiting for royal ascot for 2012 they are one of the worst security companies ever and that is saying things

  24. ‘It staggers me that someone with a Criminal conviction can run a security firm…’

    Surely that’s mandatory?

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