• Trainees used as “bodyguards” while she hit the town
  • Treated as VIP while she shopped, wined and dined
  • On one trip bought Hummer car worth £30,000+

The director at the centre of the Jubilee stewards scandal used her own students as free bodyguards while she cavorted around Manchester, it had been revealed. So-called “role play scenarios” saw Molly Prince flanked by people she was responsible for training — while she shopped, dined and drank at high-end venues across the city.

One such excursion featured a visit to a luxury car dealership where Prince bought a black Hummer four wheel drive worth more than £30,000, which she later equipped with the a private registration number designed to read “BOSS MOL”.

In a double-page special investigation, the Observer reports one recipient of training by Close Protection UK as saying:

“On the final day Prince ordered a Range Rover be hired as she would be a VIP for the evening while the students were put through their paces and tested … She was driven around Manchester with a friend and a team of bodyguards.”

In addition to the five-star Lowry hotel, Scrapbook can reveal venues frequented by Molly Prince also included boutiques at the Trafford Centre and bars beloved of premier league footballers — such as Panacea and the Cloud 23 champagne bar with views across Manchester.

Scrapbook has a funny feeling this gravy train will be stopping soon.

  1. How is this being paid for through a company that was insolvent last year, and another worth less than 60grand? This is the training company described by the Guardian as a cash cow but it does not look like much of one to me. Why is no one in authority asking these questions? There maybe a perfectly legitimate answer and maybe CPUK’s creditors may like to know. Why are these companies in different names or dob, with no direct link to Molly Prince, the name she uses to publicly run them? All names used for trading are supposed to be amalgamated, so all companies appear when searching the director’s history. If you do that for Molly all that comes up are 2 new companies and no other history. How did an insolvent company win government contracts when there are supposed to be rules in place.Just facts needed not theories about who say may or may not know. When this is cleared I may be a bit happier about, what seems to be an bid won for fire stewarding at the Olympics that CPUK don’t seem qualified to do, being given…as long as her people are paid the going rate and given proper working conditions and accommodation. Just feel that Ms Molly is being spun successfully by Max Clifford to protect the real people that matter, the Tory peer and supporters who subcontracted her and the prime provider who sub contracted them.

  2. How can this woman provide FIRE stewards for the olympics, when neither this nor crowd control is certified under the SIA?

    I am most concerned for the safety of spectators, there will be tens of thousands of people who may be in the hands of untested, uncertified stewards who know next to nothing about crowd control. In either a fire or bomb scenario people panic, I should imagine many untrained stewards will too! A stampede for the exits would be a disaster.

    The Government needs to ensure the safety of those at the Olympics be they spectators or untrained stewards, and they need to act NOW.

  3. You are right Maisie. Well said. Hopefully people are looking into it urgently. Not looking good for Ms Molly on a number of fronts…but we shall see

  4. Well, the emergency services (including the likes of the Red Cross etc) have all had practise runs at a large scale emergency during the Olympics. I take it this people have to. No? And will they be using Work Programme-supplied free labour? Would you think twice about moving towards someone acting suspiciously if you weren’t getting paid any money, let alone danger money? And if left to sleep under a bridge for a one day event, how long will they be expected to do so for an event lasting weeks?
    What the hell are this government playing at?? Taking money from us to pay people like this so they can live lavish lifestyles while they pay nothing or next to nothing to those who actually doing the work. I don’t remember signing up for this rubbish. Emma Harrison, Milly/Milly/Maggie Price….how many more will be forced out of the woodwork? I can’t imagine there aren’t others doing exactly the same – getting fat off the sweat and toil of the poor. Utterly disgraceful.

  5. Good job a fly by night outfit was not used to come to the aid of passengers when CPUK’s minibus driver crashed on the motorway isn’t it. Diamond Moll does not seem to have much luck with her drivers does she? Bless

  6. Exempted passenger carrying vehicles
    Holders of a full category B (car) driving licence may drive any of the vehicles listed below:
    a passenger carrying vehicle manufactured more than 30 years before the date when it is driven and not used for hire or reward or for the carriage of more than 8 passengers
    a minibus with up to 16 passenger seats provided the following conditions are met:
    i. the vehicle is used for social purposes by a non-commercial body but not for hire or reward
    ii. the driver is aged 21
    iii. the driver has held a car (category B) licence for at least 2 years
    iv. the driver is providing the service on a voluntary basis
    v. the minibus maximum weight is not more than 3.5 tonnes or 4.25 tonnes including any specialist equipment for the carriage of disabled passengers
    vi. if the driver is aged 70 or over, is able to meet the health standards for driving a D1 vehicle
    When driving a minibus under these conditions you may not receive any payment or consideration for doing so other than out of pocket expenses or tow any size trailer; you may only drive minibuses in this country


  7. some ” interesting ” tweets

    30yr old CPUK driver involved in minibus accident that left 15 injured got his driver’s licence in 1997 – when 15 yrs old #JubileeStewards
    Retweeted by John Prescott
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    9:56 AM – 11 Jun 12 via TweetDeck · Details
    1h Rabbit ‏@dustybun1
    Can someone tell me if it is OK for firms owned by same person to accredit their own employees? #CPUK #Jubileestewards @johnprescott

  8. Anita Bellows says:

    I think the companies need to be investigated, their links to other training companies like Charnwood training consultancy, which incidently says on its website that LDC has been assessed as a “good” training provider by Ofsted (I have found no records of it) and which is funded by public money, links to universities, the food retail and the pub industry etc.
    LDC turnover is estimated by Duedil at over 2 million pounds, but it looks as it is loosing big money and had 2 dissolution notices.

  9. Wow! What I found strange with director searches there are two Mary Jane Princes with two slightly different dates of birth and two MD/secretary numbers. I had to go through a complicated route to get the second MJ as it did not come up with company search. Maybe it is not current. Molly is quite public that she is the owner but is not registered in that name. That name belongs to 2 other concerns she has just opened at Hindley address.

  10. Holly Carmichael was Company Secretary for a time at Close Protection UK but this is not showing up here. Different number maybe? This is going over my head and maybe PS can make some sense of it all.

  11. The Dueil search shows Holly Carmichael as secretary at one time but it is not linked to Close Protection where she was also a secretary. Another ID number and dob maybe? Yes this is Holly Samantha Carmichael and there are 2 other people connected with both comps listed as secretaries at one time or another. This site is good as as it also list possible matches and the first one came up

    Please someone put me out of my misery-are these things important or not?

  12. Anita Bellows says:

    Holly Carmichael is registered under
    Holly Carmichael
    Holly Samantha Carmichael
    Holly Charmichael
    Holly Samantha Charmichael

    Molly Prince under
    Molly Prince
    Mary Jane Prince
    Mary Prince
    (and there is one Mary Prince I am not sure of, wrong address but same date of birth 01/70
    If you could find somebody to put you out of your misery, do not forget to mention I need help too !!

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