Tory MP Louise Mensch and her online sidekick Luke Bozier are looking to increase their egg to face interaction … by launching a rival to Twitter and Facebook., which offers users glorified chat rooms, is currently restricted to US visitors but can easily be viewed in the UK using a proxy server.


Scrapbook can see this rapidly going the same way as Municipo — a mapping system for local authorities launched by Bozier when council budgets were falling through the floor.

Predictably enough, Bozier also uses the new venture to indulge his favourite fantasy — that he worked for Tony Blair rather than as a junior-level staffer in the Labour Party’s HQ, claiming he was “head of digital communications”. No such job title has ever existed.

“Luke Bozier worked for Tony Blair at Labour HQ as head of digital communications”

The Menshn rules decree that “The first rule of menshn is you do talk about menshn.”

Scrapbook doesn’t envision this will be a problem in a couple of months time.

  1. I try not to mentiom M*nsch or B*zier since they thrive on attention the way all other internet trolls do, but doesn’t M*nsch have constituents to work for? Who has time to work a full time job as an MP all while pumping their time, energy and, I assume, funds into an internet start up? I wonder if she’ll call to shut down her own site once trouble starts, like she did with twitter during the riots.

  2. Luke Poseur says:

    I love it. Like a comedy gift that just keeps on giving. Even the name is brilliant. An ego trip from a 1 term MP with the name altered slightly to give it a web 2.0 spin.

    The site is aimed at a relatively tiny audience and even those who fit the target market won’t be interested because it’s more hassle to check yet another another social network. Big political commentators and journalists won’t touch it because they’ll have no reach- if commentators aren’t able to leverage it to drive traffic to their site why would they use it?

    There is no USP. There is no API, and no apps support it. If you offer no compelling reason to use it then at least make it as easy as possible to share the same content you are already adding to Facebook and Twitter.

  3. Seriously Fkd Up says:

    Going around twitter at the moment, proof that it’s still riddled with holes (or perhaps this is something Mensch wants the world to see):

    No XSS attacks have succeeded. Menshn is a safe, clean & secure environment. #menshn

  4. I’m actually really enjoying Menshn- yes, even in spite of Mensch and Bozier. It’s exactly what I’ve been looking for- a high-paced Twitter perfect for debate. You guys really should give it a try.

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