The boss of the charity which arranged a compulsory work placement in which Jubilee pageant workers were forced to sleep rough in central London is a Conservative peer. Baroness Debbie Scott heads Tomorrow’s People, who were responsible for botched arrangements which saw 30 jobseekers told to sleep overnight under London bridge — before being woken at 5:30am and told to change their clothes in public.

Baroness Scott appears on page 14 of the Conservative manifesto backing the Tories’ Work Programme. However she was later censured by the Charity Commission, who ruled that “By agreeing to contribute to the manifesto, the charity has provided support to the party”, a breach of the rules on political activities of charities.

While a security company involved let their managing director take the heat — Tomorrow’s People put up an underling in the hope no one would spot their political links.

  1. So, these kids were on a training / trial stint with a view to getting work, perhaps for the Olympics …. then what? The Jubilee is over, the Olympics will be over so won’t the demand for their skills have been very temporary? I’d love to know how the figures stack up for this. Getting kids from Plymouth to London, feeding, clothing, housing, transport from where they’re sleeping to work and back then back to Plymouth or wherever …. I wonder if kids in Aberdeen were involved? …. told they’d lose benefits if they didn’t take the “training opportunity” down south? This won’t make your average caring Scot want to keep the union together. I think there’s a huge amount of dirt in this story for anyone who wants to do some digging. It won’t be me. I had so little work in the UK I’m abroad now but support the British peoples’ struggle for a fair deal.

  2. From what I’ve read of this, millions of pounds were involved in this catastrophe, would it really have killed them to set aside a hundred quid each for the people involved?

    Hell, £30 or so for a local travelodge for the night ,£10 for food, and £50 cash would have been something. But no, nothing to sleep rough, do a 14 hour day with no toilet facilities, or access to proper meals, in the rain.

    I sense what we’ve seen so far weren’t riots, but we’re going to see them.

    Paying people a reasonable amount for work done should not be some kind of scandal or strange idea.

    Lastly, are they telling us that with 3 million unemployed, they could not have just hired some security staff? Instead of abusing the poor, who are unemployed thru no fault of their own, and despite tabloid avalanches of bullshit, in the vast majority NOT spongers, layabouts or cheats.

  3. Steve Dann says:

    and we’re surprised that a tory baroness would be involved in a scandal about slave labour and rough treatment of the unemployed? Especially this tory Baroness!

  4. on the ARRSE Army Forum by Mr PvRd ” CPUK (such a Noughties name) is run out of a trailer park in Wigan. WN2 3AW.

    Bing Maps – Driving Directions, Traffic and Road Conditions

    How many fortunes have been made on the back of (1) occasionally misguided people wanting a career in security/protection; (2) the gravy train of Michael Mouse certification and qualification, especially during the days of Enhanced Learning Credits etc; (3) the particularly lucrative combination of (1) and (2)? “

  5. a comment on the original blog that led to the media coverage re #CPUK the company Tomorrows People used

    I received “training” from CP UK a few years ago. Let me start by saying the Company is a joke! I Enrolled on a close protection (CP) course as unfortunately the SIA do not deem the Royal Military Police Close Protection unit; where I qualified as worthy of there qualification yet the foreign and commonwealth office were quite happy for me to deploy to various embassy’s around the world.

    Anyway to gain my civilian SIA badge I had to attend an SIA recognised training programme for a 3-4 day course paid for by the MoD.

    I arrived at a tired out former shop on a back street in Hindley Wigan First impression was not a good one and I thought things can only get better!! I was ushered to a small make shift class room on the first floor to be greeted by the instructor (more about them later) who introduced himself as a right hard tw@t (no joke)!

    Also in the class room were other students who had paid upwards of £2000 for a full CP course lasting in the region of 2 weeks. There was a pretty even split in the room half were pumped up tough guys bored of working the doors and the other half job seekers on some kind of a grant paid by the government.

    My course began by the instructor asking my previous qualification (which made him look silly) before sending me out with four other students to teach them how to do a reconnaissance visit. Not correct me if I am wrong but surely that was his job!!

    Each venue I visited were aware of the company. One such venue was the Lowry hotel in Manchester. I spoke with the head of security at the hotel who was well aware of the company and Molly Prince.

    In his words he told me “you seem like a nice fella who knows the job, if I were you I would get the hell away from that company and if Molly Prince turns up here with here doormen again pushing our customers out of lifts etc I will bar the company from using this hotel for good!! And so this went on…

    On the final day Prince ordered a range rover be hired as she would be a VIP for the evening while the students were put through the paces and tested. She was driven around Manchester with a friend and a team of body guards (students/doormen). She shopped in the town centre before being driven back to the 5* Lowry where she changed. Her and her friend were then taken back in to Manchester where she went on the p!ss until the small hours before being driven back.

    That was the final test for the students CPUK now sanctioned them as CP operators worthy of an SIA badge! Better still Prince enjoyed a night out costing thousands all paid for by the students fees!! I honestly can’t believe this outfit is still running, and am even more shocked they are contemplating allowing them to provide staff for the Olympics. What a joke !!! “

  6. One must also ask how effectively these trainees would be if there was a security issue. I haven’t heard any evidence that they were asked to do more than stand in one spot and point things out to the public.

  7. Siôn Eurfyl Jones says:

    Keith – “. . .The majority are not spongers, layabouts or cheats.” – if they were they would be members of the Tory Party and looked after by their buddies!

  8. What I have read on this website about the 30 people on jobseekers were sent to London to help out for Queen’s Diamond Jubiliees. These 30 people was forced by their Boss to sleep rough under the London Bridge and to dress up in front of the public is very wrong. What is this World coming into. I wonder if the Queen know about the 30 people on jobseekers and they have been forced to do by their boss during her Diamond Jubiliees!

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