One of Glasgow’s top detectives said that Scottish police weren’t bothering to investigate claims of phone hacking against hundreds of people in the country, it has been claimed. With Strathclyde Police having made precisely zero arrests for the offence, a Scottish law magazine quotes an unnamed source as suggesting Detective Superintendent John McSporran had his officers were acting as a mere messenger boys for the hacking investigations in London:

“Sources have told The Firm that DS McSporran said that in 2011, the extent of the involvement of Strathclyde Police into phone hacking in Scotland now extended only to acting as a go-between to notify hacking victims in Scotland that they may have been targeted, but only if this information arose out of the Metropolitan Police investigation.”

But DS McSporran fiercely denied these claims, saying: “Operation Rubicon is investigating phone hacking and … has never deviated from this objective”. The inquiry has the potential to embarass wannabe Scottish President Alex Salmond, who has previously come under fire for his closeness to Rupert Murdoch.

The news also comes as a “key witness” in the Tommy Sheridan libel trial claims they may have had their emails hacked into by the News Of The World. Top lawyer Steven Heffer told Channel 4 News that his client had “very personal” emails intercepted and passed to senior executives at the newspaper’s Scottish offices.

Alex Salmond  told the Leveson Inquiry that Scottish hacking would be “thoroughly investigated by a well-resourced investigation” — so why are the Metropolitan Police making the running north of the border?


  1. Because it gives Scottish police and the SNP led government access to journalists work, sources (ie: Police Officers) and the capability to see off any criticism (or legally pre-empt it!). It also allows them to discredit (and silence) any critique or critic of policy (Internal policing, journalist or journalistic source, and any victim or witness). The IOCCO inquiry shows the length that the SNP will go to to protect state control policy.

  2. Reforms: Policing, Courts, Central/Local Government, Benefits & Welfare, a heavily decreasing corporate tax rate (12% in years drop…. the rest of us pay 20%)and linked tax reliefs to LLP companies/Partnerships (just legalised laundering and tax avoidance). Check out their law changes done via the back-door through statutory instruments – avoiding democratic consensus and discussions in parliament. Police officers can also now be promoted without statutory qualifications, past charges and misconduct (check out our DCC’s)….. and as for Salmond £2mil in expenses and the Chronicles of Deer.

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