With South London’s NHS hospital trust formally warned that it could go bust — and the news that six other trusts are also at risk — the blame has been laid squarely with bonkers private finance initiative (PFI) deals for buildings and maintenance.

So perhaps it’s time to revisit some of the crazy fees charged by PFI contractors for doing routine work:

  • £8,450 to install a dishwasher
  • £13,704 to install three lights in a garden
  • £242 to change a padlock on a garden gate
  • £997 for a TV cabinet
  • £676 to put up four ‘fire assembly signs’
  • £525 to move three beds
  • £75 to install an air freshener
  • £112 to put up a whiteboard
  • £120 to reset an alarm
  • £184 to install a bell in a reception

Nice work if you can get it.

  1. £8,450 to install a dishwasher? lets not get over excited here it may well be to supply & install? And we may be mislead with the photoshop photo above of a household dishwasher it could well of been an industrial dishwasher. £120 to reset an alarm may have been a call out and at what hour of the night? lets face it ,if it was your home it would be a call out fee of £80? I would like some more facts before we fly off the handle.PFI’s fees are set on replace new for old until the 25 years lease is up. The contract states the building has to be left in a new condition. I dont agree with PFI but both Labour & Tory got us into this folly.

  2. That will be a washer disinfector (not a dishwasher I hope) to comply with directive HTM01-05 which do cost thousands – but this is still way over the top. Ask any dentist about the requirement to comply and the cost. All goes back to BSE and prions.
    PFI contracts wholly wrong.

  3. I knew bro I used work for NHS and if you report the waste of money or theif you are the one will get sucked, millions pounds go to the pockets of beuracrats instead of publc services!

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