Tory MP Greg Hands is currently telling any constituent that will listen that the construction of the Thames Tunnel — designed to handle 39m tonnes of untreated raw sewage — in his constituency is “obscene and wrong”. Which is odd, given that he was the government whip who moved the required legislation in parliament.

The proposal by Thames Water would see a construction site built in his Chelsea and Fulham constituency in order to build the Thames Tunnel “super sewer”. Outspoken Hands told concerned constituents:

“Thames Water’s proposal to move the main tunnel entrance from an uninhabited site in Richmond to the middle of a densely-packed residential community in Fulham is obscene and wrong.”

However, in Parliament last week, he moved the secondary legislation required to facilitate the project:

That the draft Infrastructure Planning (Waste Water Transfer and Storage) Order 2012, which was laid before this House on 26 March 2012, in the previous Session of Parliament, be approved.

Does the left Hands know what the right Hands is doing?

  1. Walham Green says:

    Is this the same Greg Hands who supplied tickets for parliamentary tours that were later sold by a university’s Conservative Society?

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