The picture above shows the moment when George Osborne was presented with a GCSE maths bookwhile Bank of England governor Mervyn King looked on. The stunt was performed by satirist Heydon Prowse and will likely be featured in his new BBC Three show with Jolyon Rubinstein.

George evidently doesn’t like Comic Sans.

  1. Francis Healy-McAdam says:

    This is unfair to poor George. It’s his first proper job, and he didnt know he would have to be able to count, or talk to people, or think, or cope with a wee bit of pressure. Given that a great many Tax Experts from the Chartered Institute of Taxation are card carrying Tories, isnt it a surprise the Budget was totally screwed up? Perhaps he didnt ask his mates what to think.

  2. George Fucked says:

    We are all truly fucked now these idiots are in charge of the asylum,they are determined to live a lavish and extravagant life free from the constraints of contrition and any semblance of human compassion or morality..They are so in-human so without the mechanisms of thousands of years of evolution that I am starting to consider that they must be something else…

  3. George Fucked says:

    This Bastard has millions stashed offshore so he does not have to contribute one iota to society and we the sheeple pay for his food and houses and whatever else they say we should pay for, y know because they contribute soo much…We are in the midst of a hostile takeover. The So called elites are going to cause nothing but suffering. The people are so fluoridated and distracted they will not see that we are heading for a Huxleyesque social construct..I am old enough to remember a time when this country was a very different place and that was not long ago these changes are happening lightning fast and if we do not speak up we will have no choice when the endgame is over..

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