• Mayor dined with Rupert Murdoch at his London home
  • Boris’ Met Police launched hacking probe two days later
  • Tried to keep the meeting secret from Assembly Members

Boris Johnson met with Rupert Murdoch just two days before the Metropolitan Police launched their phone hacking investigation, Political Scrapbook can exclusively reveal. London’s mayor then attempted to keep the dinner at Murdoch’s London home a secret — telling the London Assembly that all News International meetings had been declared:

“My meetings with News International have already been made public.”

The dinner date with Rupert Murdoch, taking place just three days after Andy Coulson resigned as David Cameron’s top spinner, was not the only meeting Boris appears to have covered up. He also met with Rebekah Brooks and Will Lewis in January 2011 — the latter of whom was charged with cleaning up the hacking scandal:

  • 14 January – Secret lunch with Will Lewis and Rebekah Brooks
  • 21 January – Andy Coulson quits Downing Street
  • 24 January – Dinner with Rupert Murdoch at his London home
  • 26 January – The Operation Weeting hacking investigation begins

Having had no shortage of opportunity to declare the meeting, Boris seems to be lacking any feasible excuse. There is no mention of it on the GLA gifts and hospitality register, Boris’ expenses, or his reports to the London Assembly in either January or February of that year. But he did declare an earlier dinner with Murdoch, back in 2009, so why wouldn’t he declare this one?

Boris is no stranger to ill-advised meetings during this period. It emerged last month that he had met with editors of The Sun the day before its former editor Rebekah Brooks was arrested in a dawn raid. It’s also worth remember that when questions about it were put to him on the campaign trail, Boris described them as “f**king bollocks”.

Over to you, Lord Justice Leveson.

  1. Is the Mayor’s spokesman correct in saying that this has public for over a year? If that is right, does this mean your story is a load of rubbish?

  2. bias selective reporting … well done PS, you just destroyed any cred you had in one single post.
    thats just sorry and quite sad

  3. “Check out the document properties to see when it was created. But don’t let the truth get in the way of a good story, chaps.”

    Want an original digital copy of Magna Carta for a very reasonable fee? The “created date” is 15 June 1215 and there is no “modified date”, so it is without doubt the very first edition…

    Modification of document properties is child’s play. Precisely what the truth is I have no idea, nor am I arguing either way, but document properties prove nothing I’m afraid.

  4. Any website that has a youtube clip of Owen ‘Dave Spart’ Jones on display and is also backed by fat cunt Tom Watson shouldn’t be taken too seriously anyways. Anybody visited the Daily Mash?. This site is very similar. Is it a parody?

  5. Google has a cache of the page, link to the document included, dating from last month. There’s no cache of the document, but its been up there (or at least some version of it) for a while.

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