A Tory MP has claimed he has “huge admiration” for mass-murdering General Pinochet. The dictator killed and tortured tens of thousands of his fellow Chileans during his 17-year rule — but Andrew Rosindell says that’s okay because he was friends with Maggie Thatcher.

The gaffe is the latest effort by the Romford MP to showcase his foolishness — after Political Scrapbook exposed he had taken £36,000 of free overseas junkets in just one year. Rosindell ranted to the Romford Recorder:

“Pinochet ousted a communist regime in Chile that was butchering its people. Compared with the rest of Latin America during the ‘70s and ‘80s, Chile turned into a free society where people were able to prosper.”

“He then helped us win the Falklands War, liberating the British people of the Falklands and preventing the many deaths of British soldiers.”

The row started after it emerged that a member of Havering Council had joined the “Augusto Pinochet Fan Club” group on Facebook — at the same time he was working in the Rosindell’s office.

Someone should get him a pair of epaulettes.

  1. Bill Edmunds says:

    When you have other BackBenchers who Toast Hitler and the Nazis you know that Cameron’s Re-Branding hasn’t worked. Is Aiden Burley still waiting for a call from the Gendarmes? And whatever happened to Cameron’s Internal Inquiry into his Conduct?

  2. Isn’t it amazing how glibly this twit bandies around accusations of ‘mass murder’ and ‘butchery’ exactly at the wrong people while praising the real mass murderer and butcher, Pinochet.

    Most of Pinochet’s victims were youngsters their heads full of idealism and hope who were raped, tortured and murdered, often their guts slit open and dropped from helicopters into the sea.

    Rosindell is a disgrace to politics and a liar. The Allende govt killed no one.

  3. My Name is Lorraine Moss and I am a Blogger on the Angry of Havering web site. I discovered that the new Chairman of Havering Council’s Law and Disorder Committe was a member of the Augusto Pinochet fan club last week. Please see my post http://welcome-to-the-angry-forum-part-of-www-angryofhavering-com.964883.n3.nabble.com/Father-Of-Teenager-Who-Was-Attacked-Plays-Tribute-To-Cllr-Ted-Eden-The-Burning-Question-Is-Why-Was-C-tp4024470.html.

    Just two days later, there was riots in Chile because a Documentary was being filmed that portrayed Pinochet as a hero ! I must say that I have serious concerns regarding the suitability of Cllr Dervish as chair of The Crime and Disorder Committee and feel that his admiration for this evil man reveals a very sinister and dark side to his personality.

    I was totally shocked when I read our Mp Andrew Rosindell’s comments in the Romford Recorder. I had a feeling that he would defend Dervish but not by publicly declaring his admiration for this evil man. It is a disgrace and they should both resign !!!!

    Patrick, I see that you are from Havering, check out the Angry of Havering web site. There are many interesting topics to read.

  4. What the f…! Does he admire someone who tortured more than 6000 people, including women and children, and commanded to throw corpses of some of the 4000 killed into the sea and left otner thouthand dissapeared??
    Can anybody admire a person who destroyed the social netwok, spread the public companies between his followers (accomplices) under the argument of privatization and lead a country with an extremely wealthy 2% of population and more than 60% living with a minimum wage of 185 pounds monthly???
    Those guys need be better informed and stop sayng nonsense things!! Nobody should leave under such regimes!!!

  5. This is ahistorical twaddle

    ““Pinochet ousted a communist regime in Chile that was butchering its people. Compared with the rest of Latin America during the ‘70s and ‘80s, Chile turned into a free society where people were able to prosper”.

    I have read no accounts of the Allende regime “butchering its people”. As for “free society”, that’s a confection.

  6. This is what an Andrew Rosindell supporter wrote one one of my posts ;


    Spider Reply | Threaded | More
    Jun 20, 2012; 2:49am Re: General Pinochet Admirer Andrew Rosindell Sits On A Government Funded Democracy Body

    3 posts
    In reply to this post by Lorraine Moss
    Mrs Moss, why should the MP apologise? All he has done is speak the truth.

    He has condemned the human rights abuses in Chile. Why should he apologise for that?

    He has thanked Chile for their help in the Falklands War, which saved loads of British lives. Why should he apologise for that?

    It is disugusting that you would prefer to see our British soliders die, than to accept the help of Chile during the war to liberate the Falklands. Maggie Thatcher was right to do what she did to help our armed forces win the war.

    He has said that it was good that Chile was preventend from turning into a Communist dictatorship. Bloody right too! Why should he apologise for saying that?

    He agrees with the peaceful transition to democracy and the prosperous free enterprise economny that Chile built, compared to the basket cases in the socialist countries in that same era. Why should he apologise for that?

    When it comes to Communism v Freedom, the MP wins the argument hands down.

    Maybe that’s why he is the MP with one of the biggest votes in the country.

    Mrs Moss, stick to counting pennys in the bank and leave the serious politics to people that understand what they are doing.


    My Response;


    Evening Spider and a very warm welcome to Angry of Havering. I am sorry for the delayed response but I have been busy counting pennies today.

    I am very impressed with the way that you are attempting to defend Andrew Rosindell after he declared that he admired a dictator who was responsible for murder, torture and abuse of human rights ! However the phrase “Close the stable door after the horse has bolted” immediately springs to mind !!!!

    I have a feeling that you may well be one of the young councillors that used to work for Rosindell but have now been given senior positions in Havering Council.

    When I said that Andrew Rosindell should apologise I was referring to the comments that he made in the Romford Recorder. The way I see it is if someone is responsible for murdering thousands of people, torturing others and abusing human rights, there is simply no but or however to add. To declare admiration for Pinochet is totally wrong and cannot be justified.

    How dare you try to look down on me because I work as a bank cashier !!!! What sort of jumped up little toff are you spider ???
    Are you suggesting that someone like me cannot have a view on politics. I have to inform you that this is just a part time job, my full time job is being a mother to my two teenage sons. Perhaps you would prefer it if I spent all my time in the kitchen !!!!

    Just remember Spider it is people like me that vote. With regards to Andrew Rosindell’s previous victories, please bear in mind that the opposition parties will bring this matter up again when it comes to the next general election and Andrew Rosindell’s disgraceful comments with have serious repercussions for him.

    I will continue counting the pennies and pounds that are spent on Havering’s Special Responsibilty Allowances and I will be keeping a close eye on Mr Rosindell, even though I am only a Bank cashier.

    I suggest that if you want to say anymore to me you grow a pair and reveal your real identity !!!!

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