With a giant list of Scots who have had their phones hacked but precisely, erm, zero arrests, it is perhaps unsurprising that first minister Alex Salmond was tetchy about the matter when quizzed at Leveson yesterday:

“I’ve asked the Lord Advocate for assurances that the matters which are coming to the attention under Operation Rubicon will be properly, thoroughly investigated by a well-resourced investigation, that they’ll go where the evidence leads without fear or favour”

But Mr Jay never mentioned that it was the Lord Advocate — Scotland’s chief law officer — on whom a top QC claimed undue influence was brought to bear by News International to prosecute Tommy Sheridan:

“No doubt the Lord Advocate was leant on by Rupert Murdoch’s employees.”

And in contrast with London, the police and legal establishment in Scotland have refused to reveal the details of meetings with Murdoch representativesScrapbook has seen freedom of information requests — rejected by the authorities — which ask for details including:

  1. Meetings between News International and prosecutors
  2. Meetings between News International and police

The only person to have been arrested so far by the supposedly “well-resourced” Operation Rubicon is English — and that was for perjury, not hacking.

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