If voters in the capital fail to back the Tories on the London Assembly, Brian Coleman — thought to be the UK’s highest paid councillor — could find his taxpayer-funded salary slashed by up to £90,700.

Despite his swearing at nurses and shouting at local shopkeepers, Coleman is paid an annual salary of nearly £130,000 out of the public purse. Ejection from the Assembly would mean taking a huge pay cut — losing his GLA salary (£53,500), allowance as chair of the London Fire Brigade (£26,900) and consequently chair of the LGA fire services management committee (£10,365).

Of course, this doesn’t count all the expenses he wouldn’t be able to claim any more. As David Hencke noted, Brian once claimed a staggering £10,000 worth of cabbies’ fares from the GLA in a year. Coleman has overseen the slashing of the LFB budget, and sickeningly this March splashed £1,000 on a meal for his Tory buddies — held in the very LFB museum that he is threatening to close.

As a cabinet member on Barnet Council, he’ll have to get by on a mere £38,177.

UPDATE: Looks like Coleman is toast. He’s trailing former MP Andrew Dismore by 10 points with 9% of the results in:

  1. and yet they havent sussed the mere fact of – if they employed people and said ‘you will get a normal wage for a normal job no extras’ they would get someone NORMAL to do the job and not smeone going OINK in the public trough like all these MPs and Councillors who are the ones sucking the country dry – and NOT the flipppin disabled.

    But they wont – cos Cameron and Cleggy are just as bad as all the others and their jobs are there for them to syphon as much out for themselves and eton buddies before they get voted out and the next MP gets his turn to syphon

  2. The problem here is that those in such positions relate themselves to the “Executive Class” if not CEO Class. This is those that are not only allowed to set their own income and perks far above that of ordinary people, well above what they are worth and these people actually believe the provide jobs for those that earn their living. Most of these people are not capable of cleaning their own backside and it’s time they were outed.

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