The fallout from the CMS Committee’s report into phone hacking continued this morning, with private committee discussion spilling out on to Twitter after Louise Mensch revealed details of MPs deliberations on this morning’s Today Programme.

In acrimonious exchanges, it was revealed that Mensch had withdrawn an amendment critical of James Murdoch, while Watson seemed to imply that Rupert’s son had been tipped off as to MPs’ concerns — sending the committee a letter addressing issues raised in private.

Being forced to apologise by her peers for levelling unfounded hacking accusations clearly hasn’t tempered Mrs Mensch’s self-rightous indignation.

  1. I think the Tories complaints over the “fit” issue not being in the remit are a bit of a formalistic fig-leaf, to be honest. The CMS report is scathing about the dishonesty of NI’s top executives and their contempt for parliament and hence the British public. I would also point here to Tom Watson’s adjournment debate on 29 Feb concerning TNoW’s interference in the investigation into my brother’s murder in 2002.

    All of these things happened within a company run by the Murdochs. To argue that they ARE fit and proper persons to run a media company would be insane, so why the silly bickering about saying the obvious – i.e. they AREN’T!

  2. Mensch seems to think that being a fit person to run an international business is compatible with ‘wilful blindness’ to what subordinates are doing.

    It’s the usual tactic. Caught in an indefensible position? Nitpick and distract like crazy.

  3. The only thing Louise Mensch is interested in is herself.

    NI are clearly unfit.

    Very sorry about your brother, Alastair

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