Tim Farron has claimed credit for the coalition’s U-turn on caravan tax — despite his failure to vote either way in Parliament.

In a press release, the Lib Dem President claimed that George Osborne’s decision to slash tax on caravans from 20% to 5% was down to him:

“I want to thank local caravan park owners and our tourism sector. All their help allowed me to go into the Treasury and make sure that this climb down happened. Together we did this!”

But Hansard reveals he couldn’t be bothered to turn up and vote on the issue. Like Simon Hughes — his colleague and competitor to succeed Nick Clegg — Tim Farron isn’t letting the facts of his voting record obstruct the fiction of his public statements.

Farron claims he went “into the Treasury” to fight on caravan tax — but the trip through a division lobby is much shorter.

  1. More to the point if he has the power to force a U turn isn’t it strange that he’d use it on the Caravan tax but not to revers the election promis braking tuition fees.

  2. Everyone knows that MPs dont vote to show they do NOT support the governments position. It’s well known.

  3. You chaps do know how the Budget Resolutions and the Finance Bill work, don’t you? #justaskin

  4. OMG who let the children write the articles?

    Have you any idea how concessions are won in parliament?

    I for one know the fantastic work Tim did along with David Davis to get this tax reversed so stop being so negative and give some credit for a change.

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