Scrapbook is proud to announce its editor Laurence Durnan has been nominated for blogger of the year in the 2011/2012 PoliticsHome awards alongside writers from ConservativeHome, the Telegraph and Channel 4 News.

• Paul Goodman, ConHome
The former MP has been one of the leading lights of the right-wing blogosphere this year, with a series of penetrative blogs about the Tories’ travails.

• Laurence Durnan, Political Scrapbook
Laurence has been behind the left-wing’s answer to Guido Fawkes, regularly embarrassing Cam and co with Political Scrapbook’s scoops.

• James Kirkup
The Telegraph’s deputy political editor has produced consistently high-quality blogs, with his Alternative Queen’s Speech a particular highlight.

• Gary Gibbon
Channel 4 News’ political editor provides forensic, timely analysis of the UK political scene, along with a fine line in pun-tastic headlines.

You can follow Laurence on Twitter by clicking below.

An appropriate donation has been made to Paul Waugh’s offshore bank account.

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