This morning saw Political Scrapbook raised at the Leveson Inquiry, with Tom Watson forced to deny he was part of the “management” of this website — a ridiculous notion to anyone with knowledge of the UK blogosphere.

The questions asked by Robert Jay QC were put to the inquiry by a core participant — an individual accorded special rights to view witness statements and suggest lines of questioning.

The bizarre exchange left the Scrapbook office wondering which core participant we have offended such that they would put these questions to the inquiry.

We’ve obviously been ruffling some feathers somewhere.

[update id=”update1″ time=”12:31″ text=”Full list of core participants below:”]
Core Participants, April 2012 

  • Associated Newspapers Ltd;
  • Rebekah Brooks;
  • Government (the Prime Minister; the Deputy Prime Minister; the Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills; the Secretary of State for Culture, Media, Olympics and Sport; the Secretary of State for Education; the Lord Chancellor and Secretary of State for Justice; the Home Secretary and the Chancellor of the Exchequer);
  • Guardian News and Media Ltd;
  • The Metropolitan Police;
  • National Union of Journalists;
  • News International;
  • Northern and Shell Network Ltd;
  • Telegraph Media Group;
  • Trinity Mirror;
  • Victims (Chris Bryant MP; Evan Harris; Simon Hughes MP; Tessa Jowell MP; Denis MacShane MP; Lord Prescott; Claire Ward MP; Tom Watson MP.)

Counsel for Core Participants, April 2012

  • Associated Newspapers – Jonathan Caplan QC;
  • Government – James Eadie QC;
  • Guardian News and Media Ltd – David Glen;
  • Metropolitan Police – Neil Garnham QC and Christina Michalos;
  • National Union of Journalists – John Hendy QC and Lance Harris.
  • News International – Rhodri Davies QC and Anna Boase;
  • Northern and Shell Network Ltd – James Dingemans QC;
  • Telegraph Media Group –  Gavin Millar QC;
  • Trinity Mirror – Desmond Browne QC;
  • Victims – David Sherborne.


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