The owner of the nightclub Public, on Kings Road London and popular with public schoolboys and Prince William and Harry, has gone on a shocking rant blaming the disabled for its closure.

The nightclub’s licence had been changed to force it to close at midnight rather than 2.30am, after complaints from neighbours about unacceptable behaviour of patrons. This allegedly included fighting, urinating and swearing in the street outside the estalblishment that local police labeled “the number one crime generator“.

But owner Howard Spooner had a different idea of the reasoning, saying:

“If someone with a disability complains, it has ten times the weight of an able-bodied person’s complaint.”

He went on to say that the complaints were simply from people who were anti-toff, and add:

“I was labelled non-PC because it was said my customers did not move out of the way for someone in a wheelchair. If a dwarf says he can’t live opposite a nightclub, then it is impossible to have a nightclub there because able-bodied people are having fun.”

It couldn’t have happened to a nicer man.

  1. It is quite disturbing how his hateful words are not the focus of the Metro’s story – as if they don’t think his bigotry is important enough to highlight.

  2. This is appalling. The tabloid media, with its ‘scrounger’ accusations, have a great deal to answer for; this society is becoming really sick. It’s not the fault of a wheelchair user that their wheelchair is wider than posh boys’ bums! And to try to shoehorn this disablism into being a reason for having to make less noise so neighbours could sleep is just so ridiculous it’s almost not worth posting a comment at all. Really depressing

  3. Just goes to show that despite the brains needed to run a nightclub, having intelligence or ahem, ‘social position’ whatever that is, is not an indicator of common sense.

    A night club is bodies buying stock with cash. End of. Alienate one lot of custom, others will wonder if their next. He really needs to keep his gob shut. What a chuff.

  4. Liam O'Carroll says:

    Mr Spooner’s comments are certainly upsetting but there’s nothing surprising or shocking about them. So-called minority groups have always been resented by elements in the mainstream for having what is perceived to be a stronger say in things. Thirty years ago I recall people saying that black disabled women were better off than everyone else because of 3 levels of protection. Nothing has changed: in reality I wonder how many disabled people feel their concerns are accorded much high priority? Nothing new about Mr Spooner’s attitude, though I expect in these austere times some people are bolder about voicing them. As for the Metro not seeing the point … where’s the surprise their?

  5. used to work at the Park End Night Club Oxford …the biggest problem was Hooray Henriettas fighting as there’s a pecking order over posh boys …a totally different value system with the upper middle classes and toffs ….we’d a big West Indian Woman as a bouncer who sorted out those sloanettes and they could be difficult – the local girls hated them

  6. Simon Green says:

    with an attitiude like his Im glad he club has been closed down & I hope he never gets another licence. What a total pratt

  7. Ed Sherlock says:

    To be fair I think that he has a point. Lets play loud music and urinate outside his house till the early hours of the morning to give him a better perspective on what he is saying. Invite that prat Boris along, he’d love it!

  8. Dr. Julia Gasper says:

    Once again the leftie gutter press resorts to its favourite word “rant”. Everybody according to them rants about everything – nobody ever speaks normally even in private. (Apart from communists of course).
    Everything you don’t like is labelled a “rant”, everybody you disagree with is accused of “ranting”, next of being a “ranter” and if they write anything that too is invariably categorized as a “rant”.
    What explains this limited vocabulary?
    Could it be that you are ignoRANT?

  9. Ok Dr. Julia Gasper, this is just for your lovely self:
    “Highly educated, well-heeled and all-round fortunate fellow, degraded himself by expressing discriminatory sentiments. He claimed that disabled people resented abled-bodied having fun, and that the disabled have more rights than he does. He singled out wheelchair users and those with achondroplasia as being particularly bitter. Master Spooner felt the closure of his nightclub was due to the envy of the lower orders, and had nothing to do with the disgraceful behaviour of his guests.”
    Does the language alter Spooner’s casual hatred of ordinary residents and his despicable comments about the disabled? No, it does not. It is what it is: nasty, arrogant and ignorant, as, I suspect, are you, Dr.

  10. Howard spooner says:

    My comments were not an opinion, they were a fact. I have no prejudices in life, I am simply saying that if a lying dwarf in a wheelchair gives evidence which is unsubstantiated, the yellow belly councillors will put far more weight on what he says. If that is non PC and too much for some people to get their minds around, so be it. The mere fact this is being twisted into something prejudicial about the disabled just goes to prove my point. This country has produced people like you, who jump on bandwagons and twist fact to suit your hatred of others…. You should all be councillors.

  11. Idiot Detector says:

    The good thing about being disabled and on benefits, is that you often get free legal support to counter idiotic and unsubstantiated slander like this. Liar? Are you sure?

    Good luck Howard, I can’t imagine your Royal friends will want to speak to you this week, best take a wide berth.

    However you look at this, your comments are idiotic and insensitive to say the least. Particularly, to others less fortunate than yourself. I think this is going to blow up in your face in the next few days, yet somehow, you don’t strike me as the type of person who ever admits he’s wrong or would consider apologising for causing offence. Your words were deliberately hurtful as I believe you know the person/people involved and you just wanted to take a cheap swipe in the press.


  12. Seeking Aletheia says:

    From my personal experience the disabled lack much support and are far from given “special support” on the contrary they have to fight harder to get their voices heard and they do fight harder because they have more to loose, which is only getting worse as prejudices increase with the likes of Daily Hate Mail to perpetuate the ideologies of this vile government.

    It’s too easy for the able bodied to judge something they’ve zero experience of, which makes Spooners comments NOT fact but just another hateful opinion not worth wasting breath on.

  13. Ian Blackburn says:

    What a wonderful example of British humanity. In any other towns, behaviour of clubbers is called anti social. Here this is how the so called upper classes behave and a night club owner thinks it acceptable. yet he attacks without any foundation disabled people. He would not get a licence for a lemonade stall let alone a drinks/club/pub one. If we read of the two Royals still visiting this club, I propose we disolve the Royal family when the queen peggs off as an unacceptable family in need of family lessons. As for the club owner, he should be prosecuted for hate crime. There was no reason what so ever for his comments.

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