In her unbridled enthusiasm for defending the honour of Jeremy Hunt this lunchtime, it seems Louise Mensch may have inadvertently skewered him. She told the BBC:

“[Hunt] said he didn’t interfere in a quasi-judicial process, and sending a memo to the Prime Minister does not interfere in that process. It would have been interference had he lobbied Vince Cable, which he was very careful not to do, so there’s been no lies to Parliament at all.”

But this poses a problem for Hunt, who in the closing line of his infamous memo to David Cameron on 19th November 2010 said:

“… I do think you, I, Vince and the DPM should meet to discuss the policy issues that are thrown up as a result.”

Hunt subsequently told parliament he had “made absolutely no intervention seeking to influence [the process overseen by Cable]”. By Mensch’s own logic, Hunt’s suggestion that he should meet with Cable — even if this suggestion was declined by Cameron — was a clear attempt to lobby someone acting in a quasi-judicial position.

Her cognitive contortions were such that she has even claimed Hunt’s SpAd had not been “thrown under the proverbial bus”.

  1. Dick Buttlord says:

    I’m not sure I’ve ever experienced a stupider MP.

    You couldn’t have picked a more perfect picture, either.

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