In what is a contender for the most cringeworthy video ever produced by Whitehall, the Department for Transport has released a video in which cabinet ministers implore Londoners to get up earlier in the morning and avoid using the tube and buses during the Olympics. This unwelcome advice is euphemistically referred to as “remoding”.

Scrapbook wonders whether transport secretary Justine Greening could sound less convincing:

“I’m remoding at the moment and having a good old walk up to Cabinet. It does me a lot of good.”

Meanwhile, Francis Maude is preserving his hoard of petrol by cycling to work. The clearly out of breath cabinet secretary said:

“Actually it’s great, you feel great afterwards — a bit puffed, but it gets the circulation going!”

With the department’s flagship HS2 project remoded out of the Queen’s Speech, DfT ministers evidently have plenty of free time on their hands.

  1. So not only must we pay for it for donkey’s years, turn our capital into North Korea, but we’ve now got to get out of bed early to make way for the olympics too?
    (I hope callmedave now has someone to explain what that little bit of textspeak means)

  2. This sounds like a ‘The Thick of It’ out-take. The irony of the video conferencing bit it’s a great argument for the breaking up of the Londoncentricism of British/English politics. Nobody really needs second homes etc. But whilst Baker might talk a good talk about taxpayer’s money, the reality is too many MPs etc., are too fond of the perks, the expenses and the ego-boost of being a politico in that there London.

  3. Siôn Eurfyl Jones says:

    HAHAHA! Mike penning only walked about 20 yards, and had to stop twice to catch his breath!

  4. Siôn Eurfyl Jones says:

    Francis Maude could be describing any number of other activities! Did he have a glass of wine before and a cigarette afterwards?

  5. Of course all MPs have the ultimate alternative to going into work during the Olympics… Parliament will be in its summer long recess, so they won’t have to worry at all!

  6. Whilst the ideas themselves aren’t terrible, really we ought to be doing more of all that environmentally.

    However, the priviledge is practically visibly hanging off them. What about people who cannot drop their children into childcare until a certain, inflexible time? Its not like the government have exactly been supportive of school breakfast clubs. Or people whose mobility means that people need to use certain forms of transport, etc. People have different needs and responsibilities that can’t always be changed at the drop of a hat.

    Good point by Simon Francis about the summer recess.

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