Scrapbook was amused to discover that the All-Parliamentary Media Group are operating under the delusion that one Jeremy Hunt will be speaking at their annual reception on 25 June. Events at the Leveson Inquiry this afternoon have heaped yet more doubt on whether the culture secretary will have a job by that point.

After protestations led by Harriet Harman yesterday, Leveson announced that he would not adjudicate on whether Hunt had misled Parliament over his handling of the BSkyB bid — leaving MPs free to pile on the pressure in SW1A.

And in even worse news, it has emerged that his former special adviser — on whom Hunt and the government have attempted to lay the blame — will be called to testify. This will be under oath.

Unsurprisingly, Jeremy’s odds with the bookies don’t look great.

  1. Of course the sad thing is that he WILL still have a job. He’ll be an MP at £66,000 a year plus what is still the most generous of expenses. He’ll also keep his style as Right Honourable, yet another one to make a mockery of these words.

  2. they’d big plans for the Hulture Secretary Mr C**t , the idea was for him to get a clear run through the Olympics and take over from Lansley as Health Secretary …reminds me of ” Darling Cecil ” well at least to the blue rinse brigade Parkinson in the Thatcher era

  3. Lies lies and more lies but thats all you need to be good at to be a politician …the truth doesnt come into it politics is not about truth ,but how many people we can deceive /mislead

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