• Creepy texts between Hunt and Murdoch lobbyist
  • The pair repeatedly call each other “Daddy”
  • Hunt compares himself to Clint Eastwood

The text messages between Jeremy Hunt and Murdoch’s lobbyist are just plain embarrassing.

FM: great announcement today. Well done

JH: Merci papa […]

FM: Full of energy and purpose on Andrew Marr! Liked your answer on Rupert and the BBC! Have a great visit to India. Fred

JH: Merci mon ami

In what is perhaps a reference to mutual fatherhood of new babies — their children were born in the same hospital on the same day — the pair resorted to calling each other “daddy”. At times this drifts off into what could be kindly be referred to as flirting.

FM: You were great on the BBC this week-end!

JH: U too daddy […]

FM: Great speech. Watched it with cycling team. And I can’t believe you managed to do Newsnight as well! You have stamina daddy!

JH: We all find it somewhere!

When Clint Eastwood complained about Hunt abolishing the UK Film Council:

FM: Be strong! Even Clint Eastwood can’t stop it

JH: If they play Dirty Harry so can I!

And there’s more. We’re updating this page with the best ones.

  1. I’m 21 and not a Cabinet Minister, and I’d like to think that my texts with friends, let alone people with whom I interact for work, come across as more mature than this.

  2. You wonder how many other Cabinet members are spending their time swapping texts like this with lobbyists.

  3. Fred Michel takes the phone hacking inquiry in his stride:

    8 July 2011:

    09:45: David Cameron announces an inquiry into phone hacking: “This inquiry should be conducted by a credible panel of figures drawn from a range of different backgrounds, who command the full support and respect and above all confidence of the public. They should be truly independent without any motive but to seek the truth and to clean up the press.”

    17:56: Fred Michel texts Adam Smith (exhibit FM9 page 720): “What’s the definition of ‘independent’ for the enquiry panel members? I have 1 / 2 ideas.”

    News Corp. It is. Are you?

  4. F%$king torys says:

    “FM: Great speech. Watched it with cycling team. And I can’t believe you managed to do Newsnight as well! You have stamina daddy!”

    hahaha. truly they have no idea. Go and work 12 hour shifts in a factory or busy kitchen, then you’ll know what stamina is. lazy tory cunts.

  5. JH – Are you alone?

    FM – Yes, daddy.

    JH – Shall I come over?

    FM – Do you have the stamina?

    JH – You know I do.

    FM – Hurry, daddy. I’ll load the magnum.

  6. Cringe…

    The last text is revealing, what business of Michel’s is it wether the Film Council gets funded or not?

    you morons just cannot handle the truth.
    jeremy is warm kind and super honest.
    a real manly man women hate him cos they cannot have him.
    men hate him cose they understand how ALPHA and musky he is.
    i remember years ago when that mad bank worker was captured on video tape dumping the cat in the dust bin. i remember seeing jezzer shed a tear over the loss of humanity in the british people.
    what as happened to us tony he said.
    are late night trips to vauxhall picking up stray cats to save have also shown how much love jeremy has to give.
    it is simply bursting out of him a cascade of love.
    murduck muck does not like him because jeremy refused to bend
    to his will.

  8. Yes, they probably were acting inappropriately, but I don’t think it’s exactly kosher to read their personal texts.

  9. @Ed: The evidence from which these exchanges were taken includes stuff about the BSkyB bid (see the link). And in any case, texts between the secretary of state for culture, media and sport and a lobbyist for News Corporation aren’t “personal”.

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