Neo-Nazis in Greece have celebrated their electoral success by partying like it’s 1939 — with jacketed heavies ordering journalists to stand and “show some respect” before a Hitler-style speech by leader Nikolaos Michaloliakos.

Guard: All rise! All rise! Show your respect!

Journalists: We just came in to record.

Guard: Whoever doesn’t want this, go out.

Journalists: What’s the problem? We were asked to rise up when you entered the room. We think this offends us.

Guard: Do it as a sign of respect!

Now leading a group of 21 in the Greek parliament, Michaloliakos jabbed his fist while ranting about immigrants turning Greece into a “jungle” and quoted Julius Caesar before thanking his black-shirted supporters.

Rumours that Nick Griffin has been sighted on a flight to Athens could not be confirmed.

  1. common sense says:

    What does one expect from a bunch of openly nazi rabble rousers that even sells the Turner Diaries as well as forged Proctols of Zion on its website (don’t believe me, see, even google translate will do? Can anyone believe them when they claim not to be well, err, nazis.

    The greek press speculates that the contempt of the party leader for democracy that he will make all his elected members of parliament resign, only to replace them with his own prefered deputies. Sadly this move is legal under greek law. (see although the english tranlation is rather bad. )

    Also, some of their elected candidates are currently facing trials for violent crimes, which will now have to be postponed due to their newly won parliamentary immunity.

  2. Nothing surprising from this unpleasant person.

    What I cannot believe is that the journos just did the thugs bidding and stayed there. They should all have walked out and let him do his little rant to an empty room and no cameras.

  3. Beeing a reporter myself – I would NEVER EVER have raised for this or others politician.
    This is why we can call us: The free & independant press.

  4. its scary what can happen in times of financial crisis. For me, more than anything, it shows that our reliance on money and a financial system makes people lose sight of their humanity. I have no problem with people who are in trouble doing what they can to get out of this trouble, however if it turns out to be at the expense of others, that’s what worries me about this bloke and his ideas.

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