A favourite YouTube clip in the Scrapbook office is from Armando Ianucci’s Time Trumpet, in which a shallow David Cameron was filmed moving a charity wristband so it was clearly visible to the media — before quickly glancing to check that a camera crew would capture it.

But in his recent appearance on the Andrew Marr Show, George Osborne attempts to rival his neighbour for affectation. George looked distinctly unamused by Keane’s performance at the end of the programme. With another sly glance at the camera, however, he realises the nation is watching him and starts to bob his head.

He’ll be claiming he likes Arctic Monkeys next.

  1. But rich middle aged men are the Keane demographic, he can he not love them? (Calling them a rock band is pushing it a bit too…)

  2. totally agree Iain, disliking Keane might be the only thing George Osborne and I have in Common, although i would never fain enjoyment.

  3. Agree with Robin. Dougie Alexander BLATANTLY checks the camera. I didn’t see Osborne do it. Anyway – I have just wasted two minutes of my life reading this shit, I won’t do that again. What a pointless article.

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