Minister for the Cabinet Office Francis Maude has landed the role of recruiting PR and advertising consultants for the coalition government – just months after his helpful advice led to a woman suffering 40% burns. 

Addressing a PR conference in London yesterday, Maude announced:

‘Suppliers should know that this Government is on the hunt for the best talent and the most innovative ideas, albeit keenly priced. I challenged my civil servants to come up with innovations that will make it easier for industry to do business with us; now we’ll be looking to industry to come forward with innovative ideas for us.’

Let’s hope he starts listening to some of their advice before he goes on air next time…

  1. I have some PR advice for the coalition it starts with sacking you, you pointless brainless waste of space!

  2. Bill Edmunds says:

    Francis Maude is a Natural Comedian. His radio interview on the Big Society was hilarious. Francis was holding forth on how important volunteering was for Cameron’s Big Society when the interviewer asked him to describe his record of volunteering causing the Gormless Maude to admit that he had never done any volunteering and felt he had been ambushed by the question. Add in his recent unsuccessful attempt to fiddle his expenses by moving out of the Westminster Mansion that he owned, so that he could rent it out, to a second flat that he owned and that he tried to claim the monthly rental on and removal expenses. He is after all allegedly only a Tax Dodging Millionaire.

  3. We’re only human after all. Everyone makes mistakes. I’m more than willing to give him a second chance. He might not be the first choice a recruitment agency like First Point Recruitment would have recommended. Still, I don’t think the case is lost.

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