From bad to worse for David Cameron and George Osborne, as the UK’s GDP growth was today revised downwards to -0.3%. This confirms the double-dip recession, and paints an even direr picture of the economy than previously thought.

Looks like it might be time for that Plan B, eh George?

  1. We need to stop the extent of these austerity packages. We need to deal with debt, but why on Earth did the top rate of tax get cut by 5%? We really need to tackle these ideologically driven cuts.

    The real argument is, we needed very clever people running this countries finances. Instead, they’ve turned our banks into casinos and the only solution was to put a tax on pasties. THAT WAS THEIR GREAT IDEA. HOW MANY YEARS AT ETON AND OXFORD DID GIDEON HAVE?? AND THAT’S THE BEST HE COULD COME UP WITH! LOWER TAXES FOR THE SUPER RICH AND CLOSE A LOOPHOLE (OH, THE IRONY) ON HOT FOODS.

    It beggars belief.

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