Whilst we already knew that David Cameron was partial to iPad games such as Angry Birds, a Number 10 source has laid bare the worrisome portion of the PM’s day that such diversions take up.

Writing in the Telegraph, Fraser Nelson quotes one of Cameron’s advisers as saying the boss spends:

“a crazy, scary amount of time playing Fruit Ninja on his iPad”

As the UK economy slips back in recession and the Eurozone stands on the brink, it’s nice to know that the Prime Minister’s first priority is eviscerating cartoon fruit with a sweep of his finger. It also doesn’t quite match some of what Cameron has said about the job:

“I work extremely hard … it is very hard work.”

Such is his apparent obsession with the device, Number 10 have ordered a custom iPad app on which Dave can view figures on the economy and other key performance indicators from across Whitehall.

But can he beat his high score for long-term youth unemployment?

[update id=”update1″ time=”09:49″ text=”Perhaps Dave enjoys playing the game with Larry the Downing Street cat:”]


  1. Tim… Like everything else he turns his hand to, he’s obviously not very good at it.

    I expect that he’s just trying to like get down there like wit da kids, you know what I mean man?

    And this is the man who thought that LOL meant Lots of Love… How he has come on since these heady days of innocence with Brooksie.

  2. And for an object lesson on how to smear in secret, see this http://boingboing.net/2012/05/14/a-fatal-lack-of-accountability.html
    No wonder jounalists – normally so keen on openess – find it convenient that it does not apply to them. Why should we not think this story is just a pack of lies … ?

    As with the whole Lobby system – another corrupt practice/system – Leveson entertains us with tittle-tattle tells us nothing new, refuses to addrees the real problems of democratic accountability, but will provide as excuse for politicians to control and censor the media.

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