Tory MP Craig Whittaker has come out against same sex marriage. Along with his statements that equality will lead to polygamy, three-way marriages and “who knows what else”he says:

“Marriage has a unique place in our society. It is a bedrock institution and the most stable environment for raising children. Redefining marriage would make marriage adult-centred rather than child-centred.”

Scrapbook finds it somewhat ironic that Craig Whittaker is telling people about the best way to raise children — considering he was arrested for allegedly assaulting his own son on boxing day.

With the son concerned subsequently emigrating to, erm, Australia, the Calder Valley MP continued to dig a hole with this hilarious complaint about the Halifax Evening Courrier:

Mr Craig Whittaker MP complained to the Press Complaints Commission that the newspaper had published a misleading article. The article reported that his son was moving to Australia after Mr Whittaker had allegedly assaulted him. However, it had failed to make clear that his son had been planning to emigrate prior to the alleged assault. The complainant considered that readers would be misled into understanding his son’s move was connected to the alleged incident.

Readers should keep an eye out for Whittaker — he drives around in a car with his own face printed on the side.

  1. You find it somewhat ironic?
    About as ironic as “forgetting” to mention that the DPP say there’s no case to proceed with.
    Or “forgetting” to mention that his son is 24.
    You’re becoming more like the Daily Mail every day…

  2. What is the relevance of the son’s age? And putting such trust in the DPP is much more Daily Mail I should think…

  3. All the comments on the Halifax Courier story which mention his arrest have been deleted. It looks like he keeps the local press on a short leash…

  4. OK Chris, so that makes his moronic views all right, does it? Are you going to start defending those as well?

  5. Look at Chris’ blog and what he links to. Not very Christian to defend someone who beats their own progeny, or is it?

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