Tory councillor Brian Coleman has been accused of “going mad” after storming into high street stores and screaming at staff.

According to shop-owners on High Barnet’s high street, Coleman demanded that staff remove posters campaigning against his re-election. Anna Constantiou, owner of a hair salon on the street, explained how she felt forced to take down her poster:

“He was going mad and shouting. He was right in my face and wouldn’t leave when I asked him. He was intimidating.”

High Barnet’s shop-workers launched a poster campaign against Coleman after Barnet Council hiked car parking permit prices up from £42 to £100 per year and increased the price of visitors’ parking passes by 300%.

The posters featured slogans encouraging residents not to vote for Brian, including “Sack Brian”, “Anyone But Coleman” and Scrapbook’s personal favourite:

“Brian Coleman: Wanted for the murder of Barnet’s High Street”

Costing the taxpayer £120,000 per year, Coleman is one of the UK’s highest-paid councillors. Our post caused a storm on Twitter last week after he was caught calling a nurse “a twat”, then telling residents to “clear off”.

We trust the voters of London to will be giving Brian a (permanent) holiday on Thursday.

  1. Steven Andrew says:

    It just shows that the Tories will hike anything up such as parking, which is really a stealth tax and then try and claim credit for lowering direct taxes such as council tax. They tax just as much or even more but in a stealthly way.

  2. Would his actions be described as a public disturbance? I am sure there is a punishment for such things, a Public Order Offense!

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