Boris Johnson met with senior editors from The Sun in March — just one day after Rebekah Brooks was arrested in a dawn raid, Political Scrapbook can reveal. The news comes after sustained criticism of his closeness to NewsCorp while his police force were investigating hacking and his outgoing PR chief being courted for a senior role with Rupert Murdoch.

Perhaps the meeting with editor Dominic Mohan and political editor Tom Newton Dunn goes some way to explaining his botched cover-up when asked about planned News International sponsorship — ranting to a TV camera that questions on the issue were “fucking bollocks”.

Doubtless there is relief in some quarters that this didn’t leak during the election.

  1. Not sure this is big news. In France once upon a time, anybody who wanted to go far in public life had to press flesh with Cardinal Richelieu, and Rupert Murdoch is an eminence grise of a scale that makes Richelieu look like a manipulative child. Murdoch should be the ultimate goal of this investigation, in fact he should be in jail now awaiting treason, for operating a private intelligence service to the detriment of the democratic process.

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